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  1. Hey, I had pretty serious scarred pores on my forehead just above my brows and in the centre from what I believe was really oily skin? My skin was literally like an oil field. Anyway I trawled these forums for literally hours on end trying to find out how to heal them any literally nobody gave a direct or concise answer. Anyway, I'm here to tell you that the Dermapen (1mm) has practically got rid of all of mine. I've had two sessions over a period of 8 weeks and they're filling in real
  2. Hi All, I've been a lurker in these forums for some time now. I finally thought I'd sign up to see if anyone can offer any advice - if so, it would be greatly appreciated. Basically, I have scarred pores on my forehead (no idea why!) Has anyone sucessfully treated scarred pores? I was thinking about doing needling but I thought I'd ask first. Regards