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  1. first clear christmas this year since i was 14 or 15. Go accutane! anyone with acne thats bothering them and hasn't gone away with other treatments should quit wasting time and just use accutane. It really works.
  2. Jesus sold me drugs... Then we sat down and smoked some weed/snorted some coke with his dad, I think God is his name. So anyways we were sitting there getting fucked up when Jesus started trying to suck my dick. I was just like "whooooa buddy". But it felt alright so I let him suck it anyways. I made a sticky mess of his face. True story
  3. Go out with her... then pop her zits and lick up the pus. Mmmmm... tasty.
  4. You know what really grinds my gears? When people complain about something as ridiculous as a few pimples... Pop that shit and get on with your life.
  5. Honestly... your acne probably started to get better from reduced stress. Since you were on a class trip I'm guessing you were having a good time? I know when I go on trips my acne would always get better. No matter where I went, pretty sure just because I was having a good time and not worrying about anything.
  6. Urine eh? I've found that wiping feces all over my face really helps my complexion. Maybe I'll start doing urine in the morning and put feces on my face over night. What do you think of my plan? I mean seeing as you're the bodily waste acne expert.
  7. You guys are dumbasses. OMG they called acne ugly on TV!!! Waaaaah waah. Guess what, like a couple other people have already noted, it IS fucking ugly so deal with it. No one wants to have acne because it's UGLY. You guys need to realize that there aren't all that many people with really bad acne who are nearly as sensitive to the topic as you guys are.
  8. God doesn't exist... Think about that one for a second...
  9. I got alot of sun when I was on accutane and never burned while still getting fairly tan... So ya never know until you try I guess.
  10. Sounds like your fear of getting out and doing things is more just pure laziness. You aren't going to get anywhere in life if you don't put some hard work into things. Force yourself to get out there.