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    hi guys<br />ive been lurking this site for a few months now...mostly emo and perscription<br />im into indie rock, eighties metal, ballroom dancing <br />im my 2nd year of uni and looking forward to becoming a nurse,,,,, so yea... thats it :)
  1. you guys are horny sheesh leave the poor girl alone... she is mine.

  2. i dont think we need it here....pictures and info is enuff
  3. make sure you put just a tiny bit b4 you put your minerals on.... and let is dry for a minimum of 15 minutes... you should be fine
  4. aghhh... they just make my pores look 10 times worse... neva again
  5. dans regimen....proactive...acnefree... its all the same. BP is BP... if one works... the other should as well. Go fo whateva is cheapest
  6. didn't like it....the BP made my skin feel like chewing gum...lol
  7. i dont recomend SA cleansers because the SA isn't on your skin long enough to really have an effect... try a BP cleanser or exfoliating scrub
  8. B5 is only for oil... if your acne is caused by oil... it should work... but if its something else... like to much bactertia or dead skin...then it wont work
  9. hydrocortisone when used for too long leads to really bad side affects....just be carefull anyone reading
  10. 50 percent in the blood stream seems extreme....i dont believe it...sounds made up to me
  11. SD Alcohol i hate products with alcohol.... i think it makes me go red a lil
  12. no....you cant get it.... just see your doc ask.... theres no reason why he? she? wont give it to you
  13. use a high percentage.... like 10 or above...bp is better imo....but far more irritating
  14. B5 made my hair thin out... i dont recomend it at all