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  1. I think by being on mino, duac and tazorac your skin will be extremely sensitive. Give tazorac some time, I remember my derm told me that it'll reduce my hyperpigmentation but won't really do much for the redmarks if I remembered correctly.
  2. Exfoliating is great for the skin, scrubbing off the old dead skin so that the new layer of skin can grow. I don't think scrubs are bad for the skin HOWEVER using scrubs while you have active acne is bad. You end up popping the pimples, all that bacteria filled pus is rubbed all around your face hence you waking up the next morning with more pimples.
  3. you may not want to hear this but it's definitely impossible to get rid of all those red marks. Also seeing how your still on accutane you won't be able to use peels as well, your best bet is probably just wear foundation/concealer to cover those up. I had scars like those and left em untreated for a year... 4 yrs later they're finally healing .__. it's good that you care about your skin while the marks are still somewhat new. just don't do anything harsh to the skin and you'll be clear :]
  4. eye drops? the reason why your face is red is because your capillaries has blood flowing through them (or something like that) similar to when your eye is red. eye drops help reduce that redness, other than photoshop / etc I think that's how celebs deal with their redness.
  5. Well I'm japanese, so I have that light asian skintone for those who are curious. I purchased the acid on amazon.com found here http://www.amazon.com/Glycolic-Acid-Peel-3...9270&sr=8-1 I've been on tazorac, differin, and used acv topically though they have made some improvement it's nothing to the results I've achieved in a matter of 3 days just off 1 peel. To give an example of how bad my cheeks were because of hyperpigmentation, they looked like they were slapped for 3 days straight. My
  6. I've been suffering with acne since soph year of hs, now that I'm 20 I get the occasional pimple here and there but I still have really bad hyperpigmentation on the cheeks which makes my face look like it's filled with acne. I just did my first glycolic peel on thursday, I didn't really notice any change however when I woke up this morning (sat) my face looked 20%~30% better. I REALLY regret not using this amazing product sooner, I was too worried about doing even MORE damage on my face whe
  7. So I've just purchased 35% glycolic acid peel off from amazon.com and it just hit me that I'm on differin. Would my skin be too sensitive to the acid seeing how it's my first peel and because I'm on differin? or is differin not strong enough to the point where I don't have to worry about it? Thanks
  8. the reason y i used to suffer with severe acne ( now i just have 2 deal with redmarks) was cuz i changed my cleanser that my friend has suggested. I had really mild acne back then but i wanted to treat my acne / redmarks so I had started using that cleanser that my friend has suggested. After the 1st day ALL my active zits + redmarks had turned purple, seeing how I was stupid back then I thought this was a good sign. Then on the 3rd day I had gotten the worse breakout of my life, I woke up w
  9. yes you have just prolonged the period of time i'd take a normal red mark to go away :'[.
  10. Though I'm not sure the difference between the two but from what I understand a red marks are the "red dots" that the acne leaves behind. A scar are those indents in the skin that are left behind when the acne has been picked, etc..
  11. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...983&tab=1#1 the product has pretty decent customer reviews.. so, has anyone used/use it?
  12. seems like I need 2 save up some cash and go on a holiday vacation
  13. Hey lexia now that over a month has passed since your holiday vacation I was curious if your redmarks are starting to reappear due to tan hiding your marks or have they permanently disappeared?
  14. I had been gettin A LOT of pimples around my lips lately , esp a lot of these pimples that are hard as a rock with no head. I thought it may had been my toothpaste but I've been using the same one over the past year and never had this prob. I thought about it for a day or 2 and I figured out the problem... it was ACV . I stopped putting acv (diluted of course) around my mouth but only on my cheeks + forhead, and after a day of not wiping acv around my mouth my prob was cured
  15. I'd go to a dermatologist asap, my acne used to be as bad as that and I actually waited a year and try to cure it myself till I finally gave in an visited a dermatologist. She prescribed me these antibiotics that actually cured my inflammed pimples in about 2 weeks. It's been 2.5 years since that day and now I'm trying to cure these damn redmarks, and the dermatologist told I would have clear skin by now only if I had visited her earlier :[.