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  1. I second this. Nice coverage, but I don't find it cakey. I do use the beauty blender to apply it though! I tried experimenting with other make-up (Kat Von D foundation, MUFE Mat Velvet+, etc.) but I keep going back to this one. Kat Von D foundation was too cakey, blotchy and smeary. Very disappointing. Mat Velvet+, on the other hand, was decent. For all of you ladies residing in the UK, the foundation is sold under the label, "Vichy Dermafinish" (I'm petty sure they are the same thing, the i
  2. There are silicone-free primers if you are worried about silicone-induced breakouts. I have used Sephora's silicone-free primer in the past. Costs about $15 and it did help keep my make-up on for a longer period of time, though it didn't really help even out the skin's surface like other primers (with silicone) might do.
  3. I just checked the ingredients to Nivea Soft and it has a few rather comedogenic and irritating ingredients. Doesn't mean that you will break out. Everyone's skin reacts differently. I use Cerave and find that it works great! A lot of people like Cetaphil too. And yeah, some gentle exfoliating might help remove the dead skin cells. If you were pleased with honey, then use that! :)
  4. Maybe try a lower strength BP? Studies have shown that 2.5% is just as effective as 5% or 10%. And yes, as Hope said, make sure to moisturize (maybe add in jojoba oil?)..and add a gentle cleanser (like Cetaphil) if you haven't already. And no, you're skin does not look bad at all. It looks pretty good! I would say mild acne, but I'm not a dermatologist.
  5. Yes, genetics is the foundation for acne and, yes, there is no cure for acne. But there are ways to successfully treat acne -- whether it is via topicals, drugs or lifestyle changes. Just because you have a genetic predisposition for acne does not mean that you are doomed to suffer the effects of acne for the rest, or most, of your life. Not to mention the influence of epigenetics which can alter gene expression. Lifestyle and environmental changes will certainly not have any influence on the ge
  6. XXYY is right about the bacteria concept. The oil and grease might be bothersome though. I would avoid working at fast food places because of that unless I had absolutely no alternatives (that's legal haha!). Though, I did work at my uni's dining hall and did okay but it wasn't a really greasy environment and I didn't cook food. Yeah maybe Subway would work? Starbucks? You could try "healthy" fast food places (like Garbanzo's or Chipotle) or places that make a lot of sandwiches/ subs where y
  7. thank you ! I'm currently using cetaphil's gentle cleanser because my skin is very sensitive and fragile! It turns red and gets more bumpy when try to use moisturisers too so I stopped using any. I tried tea tree oil but it didn't do anything for my face. I started using fucidic acid cream and it heals my pimples really fast. I'm really afraid to use exfoliators because of my sensitive skin! Is it for sensitive skin?actually I don't know how to count and I didn't know that there were different d
  8. I'm on accutane right now, so it's taking a while. Breaking out here and there still. But I know soon I will be clear! And then I'll have to battle hyperpigmentation with you. Actually, you'll probably find something that works for you before then. Raw organic honey also helped me before with hyper pigmentation. Some people use manuka. Though it's expensive! Thanks for asking by the way!
  9. Yes, I just read the HQ and BP can cause temporary staining. But don't worry, it says it will go away after washing. Things should get better! It just take time. You're clear now so that's good!
  10. I haven't tried it. It should be okay to use while on the regimen. However, I have heard negative things about hydroquinone which is in the cream. That is, it's dangerous and unsafe. I am not sure if these claims are backed up by scientific evidence. I can look for some papers about its safety. Though, some people do blow things out of proportion. Like the claim that benzoyl peroxide causes cancer, even though cancer involves much more than something that causes oxidation (every time we exercise
  11. Nothing in the article suggests that he had acne in the first place. I know many people who consume sugar as their main source of calories and they have flawless skin. Does that mean consuming sugar excessively leads to clear skin? Some people are just lucky enough to not have a genetic predisposition for acne. Interesting article. Though, I would never eat nothing but raw meat.
  12. You're really pretty! Yeah, they look mostly like white heads. Pretty minor so that's good! What products are you using now? I'd recommend exfoliating. AHA is a chemical exfoliater that works really well. You can mix a little it in to your moisturizer and as you get used to it you can add some more. I used to use it before I went to accutane and it really helped my complexion. Now, I exfoliate very gently with a clean, wet washcloth that has cleanser on it. Benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) shoul
  13. Thank you! I really need to start exercising again. Haven't done it in a few weeks, because I don't feel like going out in public. I spend a lot of time studying as well. It is nice to lose yourself in your books and forget about your situation. How do you deal with your fellow students? I have 6 really good friends, that I haven't seen in a while, because I don't feel like going out in public (I'm starting to sound like a broken record..) Is there anyway you can exercise at home? If you live
  14. Hang in there! It will get better. I had a bad initial breakout too but then I started clearing up. Now, I'm breaking out again, but I don't feel as bad about it. I feel confident that I will clear up (and you will too). Just have to take things one step at a time. I stayed in mostly during that time because I felt so embarrassed. Working out, eating healthy, drinking a lot of rooibos tea, reading and watching Korean movies helped me get through it, lol. Now I started uni, so I can't sta
  15. That's not really invasive? There's fillers. Mixed results and temporary. But some can last for a year or so. I've also heard a little about saline injections and how it can improve scars over time. But I haven't read much about it and from what little I have read it's all anecdotal. And yes, as the person above mentioned, there is TCA cross. More invasive, but I think it is less invasive than lasers. It is usually used for ice picks.