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  1. wtf there is like no cure for this shit i was all pumped that tha DAN PLAN would work n shit then this girl comes up and says that it dident work for her and now she on accutane and some peeps say that they been on it for like 5 months and its almost gone but then theres this blah blah blah what ever they say is there any hope
  2. also my nose seems to be shinny for some reason that bad ? thanx again
  3. ok first of all i just want to know if this really works? iam not tryin to but it down or anything its just that i am meetin this girl for tha first time this summer and i want to make a good impresstion on her. i dont have acne really bad its quite mild really. like about 9 little dots on each side or so but i want it to be good cuz i really care about her and i don wanna loose her . but yea i seem to get worse acne in tha winter than the summer and right now i jus learned about ur regiemn li