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  1. You are making a mistake by not considering isotretinoin. Depression also runs in my family but I had no mental health problems whilst on the drug, and I took 12,000mg. Like you I had long term acne and I decided enough was enough. I paid out of my own pocket and went private. It has worked wonders, to the point where I count myself as cured. Seriously, get on accutane and get on with your life.
  2. Let me start out by saying I had acne for 16 years, from the ages of 11-27. That is in the past now but I'm left with horrible skin. Having acne for so long has left me with uneven skin tone - I'm talking HYPERpigmentation, HYPOpigmentation, red blotches and a few scars thrown in for good measure. I had Vbeam done recently and it hasn't done much. I looked terrible after the procedure - my cheeks were bubbled and swollen, I was covered in blood and I had that awful purpula that you get on hi