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  1. I just wanted to update everyone on my skin. I started really messing with my skin and causing major acne and scarring by doing all of the wrong things ang my chin just looked hideous with acne and scarring. The smoothbeam lasors destroyed my skin and doing exfoliating things like vinegar and retin a just kept making everything alot worse! So I decided to try Dans regime. I cleared up almost right away with some very severe acne but my face looked horrible. Red peeling wrinkles red marks and
  2. Did you have red and peeling skin in the beginning? Mine skin is really peeling and irritated. How bad was your acne? I've been doing this for 2 weeks and i hope my skin stops peeling so I can stick with it! Thanks, Stephy
  3. Slapstep


    Congrats thats great that you're clear! I just started 2 weeks ago and it was going ok but I just got a big breakout and I have so much irratated peeling skin. Do you have any trouble with red peeling skin or flakes? Thanks! Stephy
  4. Melly and everyone, What products do you like best that you use with the regime. I'm just starting out and I keep switching moisturizers and cleansers trying to find one I like. And I have been doing the vinegar method and I'm not sure if it's helping or hurting. Do those of you that have been doing it awhile also exfoliate? If so what do use use for that? Thanks, Stephy
  5. Maybe I will try to water it down more. Right now I use 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. I have been using proactive moisture during the day but it was doing nothing so I think I need to find more of a greasy moisture. And I only moisturize 1 time a day. Do you do the vinegar? What about moisture what kind do you use? Do you use it twice a day? Have you gotten clear on the regime? Thanks! Stephy
  6. I have terrible acne mostly on my chin chest and back. All of the pores on my chin are clogged with hard white plugs. I have tried BHA and retin a but these made me breackout nonstop with cysts. So I decided to try the vinegar method. I few weeks ago I started using the vinegar meathod. It was a little drying and I water it down alot. It was helping a little so then I decided to add the regime. As soon as I started the BP my skin cleared up but now my chin is peeling nonstop day and night wi
  7. Thanks for all of the words of encouragement. It helps alot to come here and realize I am not alone. I don't know what setting the smoothbeam was at. I hope no one else goes through what I went through with it.
  8. I just wanted to give everyone an update. I saw Dr Rapaport today to get an opinion of my scarring. He said that I have a few indented scars and maybe a couple of icepicks that he could treat easily and the rest is weirdly enlarged pores from the smoothbeam. He said he's never seen a reaction like mine but he doesn't do smoothbeam. He said this will be harder to treat than regular acne scarring! I was breaking out from using the stupid retin a so he wants me to back off on the retin a a
  9. The breakouts seamed to get better for a day or two after and then I would breakout for 2 or 3 weeks and then it would just start to look a little better and I would have another smoothbeam. I was just using topical azelex at the time and hydracortizone for the blisters. I've never had any procedures done other than the smoothbeam. It's been 5 or six months since my last smoothbeam. I wish I had taken another derms advice who advised me not to get the smoothbeam she said it was too experi
  10. Thanks for all of the replies. The scars are definately not acne scars. They are like small to large half moons all over my chin which is where I got the most Smoothbeams. It's almost like each individual pore is scarred thats why its so horrendous because there are so many. And even the places where I only got two smoothbeams on my cheeks for wrinkles not acne have indents from the laser and I have never broken out on my cheeks! It was definately the smoothbeam and my docter considers
  11. Thanks Anna. I am 37. Before the Smoothbeam I had 2 or 3 zits a day on my face and an occasional cyst maybe 1 or 2 a month and a few scars that didn't bother me that much I was more bothered by the acne. During the sessions it brought out terrible breackouts for almost 6 months. And there were a few sessions were I had a lot of blisters. I would have stopped but my Dr seamed so sure of himself and so nice that I trusted him. And it also brought out tons of cycts which he insisted on i
  12. I have been reading this forum for awhile but I was afraid to post becuase I didn't want to scare people away from the smoothbeam if they were getting good results. I got 8 smoothbeams to get rid of acne and scarring beginning last March. It left me with tiny indents all over the treated area. I have hundreds of little scars from it. During the treatment I kept showing them to the docter and he kept saying that the smoothbeam gets rid of scars not causes them and that if I gave it six mo