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  1. Not only could you get permanent make up done on your lip, you could have it needled. When someone comes to me with a hypopigmented scar they want camouflaged, I will always needle the area first with no pigment. Then I have them wait two weeks and get 5 to 10 minutes of sun exposure on the area. The body has a way of wanting to correct itself. Most of the time no pigment needs to be added or at least very little. Karin
  2. I just wanted to add something about needling. I perform the procedure and am looking for technicians across the country who also perform this procedure. I am trying to put together a data base for the country so people who need this can contact me and I can refer clients to them. This goes for tatooist, doctors or permanent cosmetic specialists. So if any of you have had the treatments, please let your tech know about this and have them contact me at [email protected] Also right now I am on
  3. Karin D


    I would like to comment on the subject of skin needling. I perform this procedure in Michigan. I do it with varying needle sizes depending upon the size of the scarring. I can do one treatment a month for three months and then we have to wait for six months to do another three if needed. It is done not only for acne scarring but it gives very good results for burns scars, wrinkles, and hypertrophic scarring and for repigmentation of hypopigmented scar tissue. I will be running a special on thi