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  1. It can be temp. or perm. and there is no way to predict what the final outcome will be.
  2. No it was no use for me but its worth a shot. Like other people have said most of the time Accutane hair loss has nothing to do with biotin deficiency.
  3. Go see a derm. about this and you might have AA (alopecia areata) since you mention the loss around the ears. Are you shedding any hairs from other parts of the body?
  4. I wish I didn't experience hair loss but I did and I will have to live with this regret till I die. The fact is I choose to believe the consensus on this web site that hair loss from Accutane is temporary, and ignore the words from other web site that claimed permanent. While there is chance of recovery the fact that it can be permanent would of deterred me from using this drug. I agree that this has been more of loss than a gain, but then again I would think different if my hair wasn't going go
  5. Roxy can you name some of nutritional supplements you are taking? Thanks
  6. It wasn't the Olux but the Lidex topical solution and I was applying it 2x a day. It was thinning all over but yes it thinned on the lower parts of the scalp. It was just dry flaky skin that came out of my scalp but it was the areas where I got the shots that thinned out horribly because the skin fat is completely gone compared to the rest of the scalp.
  7. Not good at all bro my hair thinned out badly and looks very similar to Julius. Which is pretty bad considering it took him 6 years to get to that point while Im only close to 2 years. If anybody is considering topical steroids then please use it moderately because I experienced skin thinning and know for fact those area will never grow thick hairs again. Not trying to put off anyone from using it but just speaking from my experience.
  8. Wow I have the exact same experience bro. Every time I drink my shedding for that day is doubled for some reason. Yea and just like you my side burns receded up as well as my nape area. I really dread going bald but I might have to accept it and move on. Its possibility you have diffuse alopecia areata in Ophiasis pattern but Im no expert just passing on what my derm is telling me.
  9. hey guys, just wanted to share my progress with you guys. so far nothing seems to help or work for me yet, but im still consistent applying lidex topical solution. i lost overall 50% of volume of my original density but still have enough hair to be properly disguise. like david i am trying my best to block this problem out of my head so good luck to ya.
  10. Wow hair loss sucks but there is no reason to be hostile against each other because in the end we are all on the same boat. Don't want it to sound like its some competition but I doubt anyone else's hair loss is as severe as mine, and to make it worse my hair just dumps like crazy when I drink alcohol! This shit sucks balls sooo much but fuck it I am young and there is no god damn way Im fucking let this bullshit take control of me. Life goes on
  11. Lamarr, you have any idea what it means when the tip of the hair is spear shaped and the root has no bulb?
  12. Just talked to someone who was loosing his hair for 3 years, the loss stopped but he never recovered the hair that was loss. I am just hoping that this will happen to me!
  13. Have you seen thick hairs growing on temple region from Olux? I might say topical steroid may help with the shedding but I haven't yet seen any regrowth. Anyway thanks for sticking around when everybody else recovered and left.
  14. Lamarr, why did you stop using Lidex? Does it no longer work for you? My hair on the top is fine but its the sides I most worried about and according to other sites its the most stubborn area even with treatment. Did you notice any difference between clobetasol and lidex?