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  1. Accut works on its own and it doesn't need any help from medicated products. Accut makes ur skin sensitive so any medicated products will damage and irritate ur skin making it worse. Adding anything to ur zit isn't gonna help bc accut does all the work for u. Accut pushes ur pre-zits out and helps heal it quicker also.
  2. I'm sure u'll have a great summer man dont worry about it. U should just follow ur derm's instructions bc u dont wanna mess up anything. Good luck and keep us up on the updates and i'll keep u up wit mines if u wanna know .
  3. U should not use proactive at all while on accut bc accut makes ur skin sensitive and dat is y u must use a gentle cleanser wit no other kind of acne fighting ingrediants like bp, s.acid, etc... Accut works on its own and adding anything else will make it worse. For morn and nite use cetaphil cleanser and lotion for its gentle and wont clog ur pores. Once ur off accut then u can use proactive to help prevent new break outs in the future. Good luck .
  4. Congrats azn man on ur will be journey into accutane. Physical activities will be hard to do bro...after my 3rd week i feel like i've been working out and i dont even work out dats how weak it makes u and not good for ur joints either so u might not wanna work out during deez next 5 months. I'm starting my 2nd month and it feels great so far even dough i had crazy bad initials 1st month. I thought i was da only azn mofo up in here, haha. Good luck .
  5. I am 150-155 lbs and i've only been on one 40mg pill per day and today is the start of my 2nd month and he still kept me at the same dosage. I feel in time he will updose me but for now since i'm doing so great he wants to keep me still at 40mg. Ur dosage seems fairly high but i guess all derms r diff and have diff strategies.
  6. I was on taz 1 yr prior to accutane and i tell ya dont matter wat acne prescription medy ur on most of us will get intial break outs simple as dat due to pushing ur pre-existing pimples to da surface b4 it heals ur skin and starts working. Good luck.
  7. Taz is wack for i used it 1 yr prior to getting on accutane. U dont need to use the scrub at all for no point bc accutane will do its work alone. Using the scrub will irritate ur skin and make it worse bc on accutane ur skin is very senstivie dats y u need to use a gentle non-codemgenic cleanser and lotion like cetaphil brands. Oh yeah i'm azn too man, hehe. I just got done wit my first month and i already c a clear pathway after dis next moth, yes, yes, yes. Good luck dude. If u do get cr
  8. Ur nose is drying out like mines and everyone else who's on accutane. I just blow my nose every morning the best i can when i'm in the shower. U'll be fine for its nothing to worry about for its just a natural side effect.
  9. THX is right...ppl have the intial break out stage bc the accut is pushing out the pre-existing pimples all out to da surface and then clear u up all together. Thats y after ur big intial stage u c dramatic results. Think of it like this...u must take two steps backwards b4 u move 2 steps forward .
  10. Depending on da person u will stop ur big intial breakout stage after 1-2 months b4 u start seeing dramatic results. I am in my 26th day of accut and i have been taking one 40mg pill each day. I broke out like hell the first 3 weeks but week 4 has started and i think my big intials stage have stopped. So i assume starting today Dramatic results now for me . By end of 2nd month i should be clear and if he gives me 80mg next month i should be super clear instead, hehe. YES YES YES .
  11. Tell me anywhere on any accutane book or site where it warns something about alcohol. If it was a big deal it would be warning all of us. One says accutane hurts ur liver and alcohol hurts ur liver = drinking one beer has the effect of drinking 2 beers on ur liver when ur on accut dats all it is. I go drinking like every few days wit da guys and i never have any problems since i've been on accutane wit my blood test or anything. Just once i drank all day sunday from morning till nite and i
  12. Oh yeah even in my booklet it says nothing about not drinking alky and i even called the accutane hotline and it warns about not giving blood or taking vitamin a and blah but nothing watsoever about alky. But in my pharm directions it did say u shouldn't drink alky bc u possibly not will but possibly could increase side effects and possibly not will damage ur pancreas. But then we could all possibly get depressed also and possibly die on accutane so everytihng is a possibly. The only thing u
  13. Yes i am on my 23rd day of accutane. There is even a forum somewhere on here long b4 about ppl sharing their experiences on tane wit alcohol and they drank their azzes off. The only corelation btw accut and alky is that alky could "possibly" increase side effects "or" damage pancreas but does not affect the performance of the drug. Ok here r one of the sites and the question asked and this site is very legit i mean can't get any better den drug infonet.com rite? Actually there r 2 questions
  14. U should take somthing for ur insides like tetracycline or b5 or something and wash wit maybe pro active or some gentle non-comedogenic cleanser and lotion.
  15. Don't use anything but a non-comedogenic cleanser and lotion bc accutane will do all the work for u. No need for anything acne fighting bc it will just make ur skin more jacked up. Vodka and Beer doesn't mix same as bp and accutane combine it and its gonna kick ur azz, haha.