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  1. This is the guy you want to be targetting. HE is the voice of the Crazy Frog.
  2. pjblink


    Lol, yup im here. It seems ever since ive come off the tetra (not fish food), my face has been clearer...but its really weird. It does not seem to depend on what i eat. I finished just over a week before christmas, that week i was slowly getting better. From christmas onwards, right till now i have been eating so much chocolate, cake, sunday roasts gravy etc, yet my face has still been improving. The last two daysish have been a bit bad, but my skin seems to be pretty good at healing. THis morni
  3. pjblink


    Lol, im reading! Keep it up. I seem to be doing the exact same as u atm! Broke out 2 days ago, but now its settling again. Really weird how random it is.
  4. pjblink


    Happy Christmas! Thank god your skin is atleast ok for today! Go out, be merry! Have a good one, i know im so happy with my face today, i hope it stays for the week through till new years! Patch
  5. pjblink


    My skin is clearing up moderatle too! :-D Thank god! haha. I finished my course of Tetracycline last friday and so have been off it for a week. The last week of my course i was pretty much clear, i had a breakout when i came immediately off, but now im clearing up! Funny thing these spots!
  6. pjblink


    Same for me. I dont give a shit what other people think about me, i just want it to clear up for me and me alone. It gets me down when it hurts and it seems to be there for no reason, even if im living a healthy lifestyle. Sucks! However, im feeling so good about it atm. Had an all day drinking session on Saturday so we'll see if it hurts me!
  7. pjblink


    Ive been on Tetracycline for 7 weeks now (last week of 2 month course). It is my first antibiotic for my spots and i was fed up as it wasnt doing anything. This last week has been the clearest for my skin in about 5 years. Someone actually commented on how good my skin looked. My god if it stays like this i will so hug my gp! Good luck, you're right it is very mild but get a routine and itll be less of a hassle to keep it going for months! Patrick
  8. Not at 14. Its a really drastic step. Go to a derm, see what they say. Theyll most probably try you on other prescription products first to see if theres not a safer cure. Your sound mild-moderate with 8 active spots. Id reccommend just get a good cleaning regimen going, ie wash in the morning and wash at night with a good cleanser and do not pick. Leave the whiteheads till they pop themselves. It will kill you to not pop them, but this is the safest way to get them to heal and go away!! Good l
  9. Yeh, there is a lot of uneasiness and lack of solidity in that part of the club. As you say, they havnt got anything like the funding of the big clubs, but look how well theyre doing. Such an amazing home record (yesterday didnt help) and they can pull out some amazing winners when its needed. We just lack consistency.
  10. Ahh i dont know, there was talk of Harry leaving if he lost this game...what a joke! People talk a lot of bollocks this day and age. Yeh that run was great, man u beat arsenal, pompey beat man u and then southampton beat pompey! What a joke...so that makes arsenal worse than southampton! ;-) And about the sound, it is really clear from my room "Play up Pompey!!" and it echoes down the streets. So weird, you can be a mile away and out of direct line of the stadium and still clearly hear the cha
  11. Absolutely is! Especially last night when we lost to Man City ( Yeh i am a fan, only due to locality (I was once a fan of Villa, living within 20 miles of Birmingham!). Theyre great though. During the Man Utd match here, i went down 2 the stadium on my bike. The noise was amazing, and there were so many people joining us around the stadium. For the last 15 minutes they opened the gates and let us all in!! :-D That was absolutely amazing, Pompey fans are the best in the world! Distance..urm, i
  12. Indeed the legend lives on! lol. Pompey are playing at home right now, the lights r on and the crowd are loud as hell... Usually gets me really excited so lets hope i sleep like a baby 2night! Just hope the fans are nice and quiet, i live in Fratton you see!
  13. Thanks for starting this thread Dean! I won't take over but id sure like to keep it going with a little help from u guys? ..for this reason Morning 2: I stuffed up, lol. In bed at 12:30am, woke up at 11:30am. I just forgot to get ready for bed, and by that time it was too late. So today was a waste, its already getting dark..and this i have got used to! Since its still only Saturday i hope tonight and sunday night i will be able to keep my early nights and early mornings...that would be great