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  1. i was on 20mg for a month.. my skin cleared up A LOT but the blood results said my cholestrol was high so my derm took me off of it for 2 weeks so i could lower my cholesterol. it lowered and now my dose is 10mg. my question is will accutane start where it left off? or will i have to go through the IB and stuff again
  2. thanks can you buy it at like a grocery store?
  3. I started taking amnesteem 20mg only march 14 2007. i had high cholesterol to begin with because i do not get much exercise . i dont eat ANYTHING with cholesterol in it. after taking amnesteem for a month i got my blood drawn and my cholesterol had gone up. my derm told me to stop taking amnesteem for 2 weeks so i can get my cholesterol lower and when i go back to her shes gonna put me on 10mg 0r 20mg. since im off the medicine for 2 weeks is it going to cause me to breakout again? i was only on