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  1. same as nick, LOL :D

  2. Why would you worry so much hon? remember we all feel the same way as you. I am a member on another forum where sometimes I will have no reply also. PM me if you want to talk more okay? =)
  3. If that is you in the avatar. WOW.

  4. 10% yes. definetley. but the 2.5% in moderation works fine.
  5. I know what that is like, having to cancel hair appointments becaouse of my face. even at your worst moments things always get better, they always do. just have patience.
  6. I hope not either.. I will ask my esthician today.
  7. go to www.talaka.com it is a very good product with great reviews to help eyelashes and eyebrows grow back. I didn;t read the whole thread so sorry if someone already mentioned this.
  8. Try a peel off Mask. splash cold face with water afterwards. Remember not to use too hot water, as it will only increase more oil production.
  9. I know of a lady who uses the shampoo and swears by it. as for face wash, I haven't heard of it? I have seen soap or the bath oils. When i was on Accutane I would use the moisturiser and it was great, very gentle.