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    I'm a GIS Specialist, which is a complicated thing to explain to anyone who has never heard of it. If you're one of these people, let's just say I make maps for a living. If you're one of those rare people who actually knows what I'm talking about, hit me up for some geek talk!<br />I also enjoy weight training/cardio 4-5 times a week, reading, music of all kinds, my Holland Lop Ms. Gertrude Fluffybutt, dive bars, photohunt, whiskey, micro-brews, dancing like an idiot, screen printing, and I am learning how to sew.
  1. I've noticed this too. I have stuck with my gentle cleanser that I used while on accutane. But I apply a thin layer of BP at night over my problem areas (so tiny only I can see them there) and found that this helps. Also using a clay mask 1-2 times a week has helped too.
  2. My sleepiness/laziness and lack of concentration went away after about two weeks of stopping. I didn't have any problems with hair loss, so I can't help you with that.
  3. In my opinion 13 is waaay too young to be on accutane. Especially a 13 year old with only mild acne. Get some prescriptions for topicals and antibiotics from your doctor first. If in a few years you're still having problems or your acne has gotten worse, then I would try accutane.
  4. Within the first week of my last dose, I broke out again. I had been completely clear for about a month before this. But the breakouts weren't cysts like before, and this post-breakout only lasted about a week. Since then, I'm completely clear. I've only been off accutane for about a month now. I have noticed that my skin isn't super dry anymore, but it's not as oily as it was before I started accutane. And my hair isn't as dry either, though I still can get away with only washing it every other
  5. I dyed my hair while on accutane without too much trouble. I dyed it darker, not lighter, which is a little better on your hair. I also deep conditioned like crazy. I have short hair, which isn't as prone to split ends and breakage. You're only 3-days into the treatment on a low dose though, so I wouldn't worry about it at all at this point.
  6. I lost 10 pounds. But I also started a regular gym routine around the time I started accutane, so accutane most likely was not what caused my weight loss.
  7. Try getting more protein in your diet and snacking on almonds or peanuts when you get hungry. They can be lightly honey glazed if your sweet tooth is a problem. Protein and nuts will help make you feel full so you won't be as tempted to snack on junk food. And if you still can't get over your sugar craving, try satisfying it with fruit instead of something with processed sugars. Also, as much as it sucks, FORCE YOURSELF TO GET UP OFF THAT COUCH AND EXERCISE! Even if it's just a half hour walk e
  8. I would put neosporin ointment on my lips all the time to keep them moisturized. Also, using a humidifier at night helps with dryness.
  9. I would be very careful if you put anything on it. The skin on your neck is already thin/sensitive without accutane. I suggest making sure you clean your neck well when you wash your face with the same cleanser you use on your face. Then make sure to moisturize it. Then use a mild BP to spot treat it once daily (at night). If you notice too much irritation, stop using the BP, but continue cleansing it along with your face.
  10. I've been off for about a week and I've started getting a few small pimples here and there. (Nothing really noticeable.) If this continues, I might decide to go a second course. But with summer approaching, I'm going to wait until fall to start a second course if I feel I need it.
  11. I take: 6 Flaxseed Oil 2 Vitamin E 1 Super B-Complex 2 Concentrated Milk Thistle 4 Concentrated Green Tea extract 2 Accutane
  12. People who normally have clear skin will complain in front of you about how they have ONE zit. ONE tiny, barely noticeable zit on their face. Whenever anyone says this around me, or to me, I look at them in disbelief and say "Oh you poor thing you. If I woke up and only had one zit on my face I would be THRILLED. And I would go around telling everyone about it and being happy about it." This response always shuts them up.
  13. Accutane is not some miracle drug that clears you up instantly. It takes some people months to see any sort of results.
  14. Sleeping in a room with a humidifier has helped prevent nose bleeds and nasal dryness for me. My lips are also less chapped. My humidifier is cute, too! It's pink and is shaped like a pig!