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  1. misterhealthman

    Carnivore Diet

    36 years old, started the Carnivore Diet 4 months ago, only meat, eggs, liver. The left Picture is me on the Carnivore Diet for 3 months and the right picture is me before the carnivore diet.
  2. Is it just me or has the acne.org forum community died down considerably?
  3. Its been awhile since Ive been on here, don't struggle to much with acne but overall skin texture hasn't been great. The picture on the left is me on Carnivore for 3 months and the picture on the right is me before Carnivore diet typical Diet. My diet now consists of steak, deer meat, bacon, chicken and plenty of healthy fat. I also eat Beef Liver several times a week. I have seen some positive changes so far.
  4. The severity isn’t extreme. I would classify it as some blackheads, clogged pores and overly oily skin. Not extreme and so 20 mg daily so I don’t have to deal with bad side effects. It’ll just take a year to get to roughly 7,800 mg total. Also it is by Gods grace that I have dealt with it for so long
  5. Yeah you are suppose to see complete clearing during month 3-5 or so? I will be on this dose for 1 year just to get complete clearance
  6. Hey guys can I join? I started 20 mg daily of accurate April 24th. I also am still breaking out. I get dry lips and my skin is a little dry as well. I think it’s working but from all my research it seems like it takes a long time to see full results. Also I am 33 who has suffered from persistent acne since the age of 15
  7. So I have been using JOJOBA Oil on my face for about 5 weeks now, Acne.org brand. Ive heard of a purging process, i am 5 weeks in and am purging more than in the beginning? Does it take this long? I am popping more and more black heads and am breaking out on my neck, but I am somewhat optimistic because the rest of the face is looking good. Any advice?
  8. Haven't been here on a long time but wanted to share with you guys. I'm 28 and a chronic acne sufferer. Nothing has worked, I have very stubborn acne. However, over the past 3 weeks I've been taking good quality organic cayenne pepper orally. My skin has never looked beyysr, even less oily! Look up info on it, improves blood flow which is really important for acne sufferers. So hope this helps
  9. hey long time friend? Where do i remember you from again?

  10. hi long time friend. whats the latest?

  11. Hey :) I saw that you have a Bible verse on your signature and I wanted to say that I love it :)

  12. Man oh man I feel your pain. I am 25 and still struggle with acne. I tried everything. I was a total health nut and eat nothing but organic and took the best supplements and yet acne. Even today it doesn't matter what I do. I have acne. Its like what do we do? Give up?
  13. So I recently bought Proactive Gentle formula because of my sensitive skin and really I have had acne for 10 years now. Im 25 now and finally something is clearing me up and it makes my skin look great. Anyone else try this stuff?