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  1. hey everyone im using the neutrogena clear pore Salicylic Acid which when i use it i get some pretty wide spread breakouts, But i was reading and wondering if this is nessacarilly bad. Is this purging my skin and getting all the bad crap out or is it a problem and should I stop using it? The breakout happens literally a day or two after i start using it but if its cleaning out my skin i can live with it. anyone experience this? thanks.
  2. ive had a problem with acne for awhile now and im starting to get older now and it doesnt appear to be getting any better. Using BP it clears up nicely while using it but as soon as i stop it comes back, i dont want to depend on BP my whole life so ive been trying out other things. One thing that is odd with my skin is that if I used a bar of soap like Purpose/Dove or even Neutrogena with S.acid it aggriviates the acne alot. anyone else have a similar experience and if so what cleanser if any do
  3. I finally learned my lesson that my face doesn't like regular bars of soap to wash my face with, and after a pretty bad stint of acne I cleared it all up quickly with BP which is wonderful. However the red marks that are leftover seem to take quite a bit of time to fade, and they aren't much worse than having actually acne. Anyone got any tips or products for these redmarks?
  4. I've tried Neutrogena, Dove bars, and Cetaphil and they all break me out... I'm looking for something to wash my face that wont break me out theres gotta be something for guys out there. Any suggestions?
  5. If I start using Cetaphil and I broke out a bit after the first or second day should I continue using it? Is that normal or should I discontinue use?
  6. Hey guys, My face is really sensitive after using all of these products to control my acne and it's to the point where if I use soap/cleanser it breaks me out.. Recently i've used Basis Sensitive Skin Bar and Aveeno Foam Cleanser (/w Sac. Acid) Both of these products make me breakout after I initially use them, is this normal and should I keep using it? Does this mean its working? Or do you guys recommend any other cleansers/soap to use.. thanks.
  7. Hey everyone, I started using BP (Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment) and it seems to make my face look better in general, I dont even have acne ive just got scars and an oily face. I finished taking accutane a few weeks ago and I'm working on the scars healing now and gaining confidence. The problem I have is that after I cleanse then apply BP, my skin gets flaky a couple minutes later and I need to apply a moisturizer. This however creates another problem which is in school during the