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  1. thanks alot for the help lion queen and mellow. After hearing about how strong it is i'm starting to doubt it but i guees i'll try it for a while. I'm going to use a oil free cleanser my mom has and then apply the mandelic acid and then wait I guess this would be okay if not i'll change to paulas choice gels because people seem to be sayig good things about it
  2. first of all this is a dope thread. What i'm wondering about is mandelic acid. I just ordered a sample from diannayvone's site and i have no clue on what to do. Should i wash my face with water and then put it on? or should i use a clenser? Mosturize? If anybody could help, please do.
  3. I've been looking around this site and found about mandelic acid and decided to buy a sample, the vivant one. I'm wondering on what I should be using before i put it on, like a clenser or something. Right now i've been using pro activ but it doesnt seem like its doing anything for my black heads which is what my acne is mostly is. If anybody could help that would be awsome.