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  1. It doesn't itch, and it doesn't feel like acne because its not painful at all, and it doesn't feel even close to as bad as it looks, which is why I hadn't noticed it at all til I got my hair cut. I'm hoping that it is an allergic reaction the shampoo, today it feels like the area has been hardening over a bit so I'm hoping that means its healing. I'm just gonna use the classic clean shampoo and not wear the hat for now, I don't want to become dependent on some medication.
  2. K the picture is up, somebody help please
  3. I just got a haircut today and my barber tells me that I have a big red rash on the back of my upperneck that had been hiding under my hair i guess. I get home and check it out and couldn't believe what I saw.. It stops where my hairline stops, i've been wearing a winter hat alot the last month and using a different shampoo, somebody please tell me how I can get rid of this fast.
  4. yeah this definitely isn't a "cure" for acne. It won't matter what kind of acne it is, just as long as you stick with the regimin long enough for it to really take effect (a couple months) it will clear you up and keep you clear.
  5. Update... I have now been using ths regimin for the last 3 and a half months and I'm absolutely amazed. I went to a dermatologist on July 28th of this year and although my acne was moderate, it was getting bad enough that he he signed me up for blood work for accutane. I almost considered it until I found this. I really wish I had before and after pictures because I look in the mirror today and can't believe what i'm seeing. There is not a single active pimple, there are only some tiny fading r
  6. over the summer I had horrible problems with facial acne and chest acne or folliculitus, im not 100% sure what. Either way both have cleared up significantly thanks to 2 different regimins. Now for the last little while i've been getting random pimples on my upper back, like right under the T-shirt collar. I'm not sure whats what but these ones start by me just feeling a tough painful bump under my skin. I usually end up picking them or rubbing them off and they are gone within a day or 2 but it
  7. Just an update.. On Sunday I'll have been using this regimen for 2 months and its absolutly amazing how much my face and neck have cleared. I broke out horribly over the summer and at times and I had big ugly zits that would like appear in groups and I looked terrible. I'm now back at school and even after a month on the regimen I had people complimenting that my skin looked good, and thats when I still thought it looked bad. Either way, this works and its definitely worth it. Just a note, i d
  8. I had a very bad case of chest acne/folliculitis that I am recovering from, i still get the odd pimple but much less. My problem is that there are a ton of big ugly marks left over. Probably from me picking but either way, some of them have been there for many months now and i dont see much improvement. What can I do to get rid of this while im still treating for acne. My current regimin is Stanhexidine antibacterial body wash in the shower in the morning, and clindoxyl gel at night.
  9. k I am a 20 year old male. I find my forehead and nose are getting very oily throughout the day, and i've heard its because my skin is overly dry so it thinks it needs to produce more oil. So i'm wondering what would be the best Moisturizer for me to use in my situation? Thanks
  10. Does anybody know what vitamins I could be taking to improve my skin? Not just acne, but I feel like I have bad skin, and I go into the drug stores and see loads and loads of these vitamins and i remember reading several that have been discussed here. I'm just wondering if anybody knows what the best vitamins out there are. Thanks
  11. well im not sure, where would I find a chemist??
  12. Where can I get the Propylene Glycol?? From the chemist isnt really a help lol