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  1. The C&C BP cleanser is the best acne product I've ever used. End of story.
  2. Make sure the products you're putting on your face are non-comedogenic
  3. your sig is alittle bit.. uh.. depressing
  4. Save your money! its not an effective product line, we've all tried it
  5. Most people take vitamin b-complex in addition to 10g of b5, not as a replacement. I honestly don't think b5 is worth your time anyway.. I took the 10g for over a month and didn't see any improvements whatsoever. Look up botchla's regime (or look in my sig), the C&C bp cleanser really helped lower the oilness of my skin.. Its definately worth a try!
  6. The only good thing Clearasil/Stridex pads are good for is when you don't have access to a cleanser (ie: locker room). They're pretty much a joke if your acne is anything above mild
  7. I should have clarified, I only use the scrub once a day (morning) and the bp cleanser twice a day (morning/night). If you have sensitive skin I'd suggest using the scrub once a day and maybe the bp cleanser at night. There was maybe a 2 week initial breakout period but it wasn't too bad. The bp cleanser does not bleach your hair or eyebrows, at least not that I'm aware of. I'd really consider throwing the bp cleanser into the mix considering I feel its the more productive of the 2 products, p
  8. *BUMP* I've been using this regime for about 6 months and now I'm close to 90% clear. This regime is no joke, considering I've used pretty much everything else on the market. Its low maintenance, cheap, and feels refreshing. What are you waiting for?
  9. I used it for 1.5 years with little to no results.. Not worth the money. Go look up botchla's regime of C&C products, it made me 90% clear, no joke.
  10. Here's a good routine: Monday - Back/Triceps/Abs Tuesday - Chest/Biceps Wednesday - Rest Thursday - Shoulders/Traps/Abs Friday - Quads/Hams/Calves Saturday - Rest Sunday - Rest I personally try to get in around 3,500-4,000 calories a day while drinking 2 whey protein shakes a day.. It'll be hard at first to force yourself to go to the gym 4-5 days a week, but after a month it'll just become another hobby that you look forward to. Make sure to get a good multi-vitamin as well.. Another
  11. My skin is pretty much in the same state as it was last week, no breakouts but still not fully clear. The weather here has been really cold which hasn't been helping my cause though, it could be haulting this week's progress. My skin has gotten used to these new products now so I don't feel overly dry in the morning which is good news. 2 weeks done so far, catch you on the flip side
  12. I used it for awhile and I wasn't a fan. All of the products, especially the bp lotion, feel really cheap.
  13. yeah lets get into looks now.. Height: shorter than 5'8 is ideal but I don't really care as long as she's under 6'1 (my height). Hair: I prefer blondes but It doesn't really matter.. Hey its all pink, right? She has to be in good shape, too many girls are getting a FUPA from drinking too much and not working out. Nice teeth, preppy style, and kept up hair are all essential. She should wear makeup but not TOO much, i'm not trying to run a circus here. and i'm more of an ass man but nice tits ar