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  1. love it!

    I use this to cover the redness from my acne and although it doesnt give perfect coverage it makes it look so much better + it doesnt cake up, make my skin oily or get flaky. It didn't make me break out at all (in fact my acne really calmed down since I started using it)
  2. Star Lord

    worked for a week

    worked for a week

    I used coconut oil for 3 weeks. The first week was amazing: I rarely got an infection, everything was healing faster (old and new scars) and my skin just felt amazing. After that week things just got back to how they were before I started using coconut oil. It wasn't teribble but I got infections pretty often, especially really small whiteheads on my forehead. Also my skin didn't feel as soft and amazing as it did the first week. I would recommend trying it but only if you have really light acne