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  1. Hey everyone-- here's my update. I've just finished 4 weeks following this plan. I drink a mix of carrot and sweet potato juice in the morning, and probably 3 days per week I have a salad with mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, beets, and red/green peppers. Not eating any sugar as been pretty easy. In addition to the negative association, I have also just focused on what I AM eating, instead of what I'm not. Oddly enough, the hardest part has been refusing offers from other people for cookies, don
  2. Overflood-- its fairly obvious what is happening here. Wingedserpent posted in your thread warning about megadosing, and now you are trying to derail this thread. Please stop. I for one am here to try to have the same experience as wingedserpent and he has been very supportive of everyone else who wants to as well. The difference here is that there is nothing inherently risky about drinking veg juice and not eating sugar. This thread is not about megadosing!
  3. Thanks wingedserpent. I'm thinking about going back to BP once a day or every other day, bc my skin was clearly not ready to come off it yet. My fear though is that I'll have to go through this all over again when I stop BP completely.
  4. Hey guys- im in definite need of some support! I'm on day 8 of this regime and no benzoyl, and my chin is breaking out like crazy. I had a feeling things might get worse before getting better, but yikes this is bad. I can report increased energy levels so far. I get up pretty early for work and I feel perfectly fine without coffee now.
  5. Just want to start this off by stating how thankful I am for the products this website offers. I know many other people here have found products and methods that have cleared their skin when nothing else would work. They have turned here for help when there was no one else to turn to. However, based on my own experiences with the new moisturizer, the reviews for it, and other posts on the forums here, I know I am not alone when I say the product is significantly less effective than the old mois
  6. Hey-- I'm in a pretty similar situation. I'm 22 and I've been on the regimen since I was 18. I just tried cutting out the BP since I was traveling for 4 days without BP and didn't break out. So I figured I'd see what would happen. My skin stayed clear for about a week, and then I got TERRIBLE breakouts. I started up again last week and it hasn't entirely cleared yet. I suppose if you must know whether you really need the BP you could try cutting it out...but make sure you go into it with a plan
  7. Are there people here who outgrew their acne? Dan has obviously been on the regimen the longest and still hasn't "outgrown" it. Although it also would seem odd for people to have acne through their entire lives.
  8. How much moisturizer are you using? My redness/irritation went down a lot when i started using a FULL pump of acne.org moisturizer.
  9. Day 13 Still only good things to report! I've only gotten a few small zits that have gone away quickly, and no cysts or badly inflamed areas. I haven't used any BP in about a week, and the last time I experimented with that I ended up with many huge zits. I had a cold on Thursday, and I was blowing my nose constantly for a few hours. Normally, this would have resulted in lots of irritation and whiteheads right under my nose. As of today, everything looked good. Definitely a positive sign... A
  10. Thanks so much for the support! Just wondering...how long did you use the light treatment before stopping? And how often did you use it?
  11. Day 9 The lamp continues to deliver. I'd say now I'm officially past the fear in the back of my mind that it would do nothing or completely destroy my skin. I figure if it didn't do anything I'd prob be breaking out soon due to not using any BP on my chin for the last 4 days. I only have 1 small whitehead there now and the two inflamed areas have gone down and begun to fade away. The question is now becoming whether it can keep my skin clear in the coming days/weeks.
  12. ...and I will try to update more frequently moving forward for anyone who is interested. I have a good feeling about this.
  13. ...And on to Day 8 The lamp seems to be working well so far. The two inflamed areas on my chin are now starting to fade away. I've had a few small zits, but they have all faded away pretty quickly. Skin in general is looking pretty good right now. For the past few days I've just been moisturizing the area I'm using the lamp on, no BP.
  14. So today is actually day 4 of treatment for me. Right now, I'm trying to figure a few things out: --Whether to use red, blue, or both --Whether to treat in the morning, at night, or both, or less often than once per day (ideally I'll be using the light once per day at the most) --How/if to use the regimen in conjunction with the light treatment (been on the regimen for 5 yrs, and I have mild acne now with occasional terrible breakouts.) For those who don't own the acnelamp, the unit has 6 blue
  15. I recently purchased the handheld red/blue light from acnelamp.com I'd like to share with you how everything is going for people who were considering taking the light treatment route as I have. Also, if anyone who reads this has had success with light treatment, some tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. The instructions that came with the unit were minimal. Enjoyyyyy everyone.