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  1. not being able to post pics definitely sucks. the spammers are gone and the lounge takes forever to access. why not put them back.
  2. my theory- there's already a cure out there. just like there is with cancer. the thing is if you give out the cure, you no longer make money off the thousands of bullshit products that are supposed to help with your acne. accutane is the closest to a cure they'll let us have. 90% success rate.
  3. once you have acne, you never see your skin the same way even after it's gone. you look for the smallest imperfections and put yourself down over it.
  4. 18. do it asap though. don't wait unless it's very mild.
  5. your stories really make me feel for you. if i could pick anybody on this site to not have any skin problems including myself, i'd still pick you. you don't deserve it. best of luck tomorrow and stay in school!
  6. post a pic if you ever do this so we can all laugh. that's basically getting plastic surgery to be a tranny.
  7. take a picture of your bird and pm it to dan.
  8. let the masturbation threads begin
  9. that's what i use too. that and mach 3. i like variety.
  10. uhh the lounge has been deleted. where have you been?