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  1. Classical has always been a great chill out form of music, for the intelligent anyway
  2. I\'m sorry to hear you had such a tough time on Accutane. Perhaps speaking to your derm for some options regarding your rash management?
  3. I find it hard to read what you are writing with certain types of colored text
  4. With the area covered in hair, how are you going to be able to treat it? I feel this is a good short time solution for some on roacutane, antiobiotics or B5 only.
  5. I don\'t question the fact that is has worked for some people, I\\\'m interested to know exactly how much it currently or has helped Dan. Dan claims to of been on Roaccutane in the past, I\'m just wandering if that\'s what really got him clear? It feels like Jessica Simpson vouching for proactive all over again
  6. Dan. We have heard time and time again that you no longer have pictures of your acne as a teen. That\'s understandable, but you are currently still on the regime, meaning you would still have active acne. Would it be to much to ask for you to stop your regimen for a few weeks and take pictures of your break out, then go back on the regime and take a progress picture with clear skin, simply to prove it works? Do you accept the challenge?
  7. There\'s worse places out there. Believe me, New York is full opportunites, maybe a holiday to help to you relax and get your thoughts together
  8. I dislike mushrooms, if you don\'t like the taste, don\'t force yourself to eat them. Simple
  9. testosterone in high quantaties can lead to premature baldness and excessive body hair. I\'d rather it in healthy doses
  10. You\'re a great mother, parents can learn from you
  11. \"I\'m feeling sick, sorry, i can\'t make it to your party\"