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    Liquid GOLD for ACNE !

    Liquid GOLD for ACNE !

    This is the only acne treatment that acts as the best spot treatment that I have ever used. Whenever I get a breakout and that is, rarely ever since I started using their regimen.... I will dab a dot of this product on the pimple and boom....the next morning it will no longer be throbbing or red. I like to be extra so I try to pop it first before applying the product just to make absolute sure that the product gets into the cyst to do its magic. I have tried both ways (unpopping/popping) and it
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    I was so hesitant to try the acne regimen...Been suffering with acne since I was 11 and you can imagine I've tried a lot of so called acne treatments from drugstores to high end products and nothing ever worked, it even made it worse. But I came from reviews and thought I have nothing else to lose and I'm so glad I took the plunge. Honestly if you have been suffering from bad acne your whole life or just barely and you're hesitant to buy these products I say don't. Of course everyone has differe