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  1. Hello guys, a little update, i had my first session and it went pretty well, but its effect will be after 3 or more sessions. Also im trying cutting out gluten as i find i dont get inflammed pimples anymore cutting that out. Lastly, its winter in here and i still suffer with dry skin at the moment.. I have a moisturizer that doesnt clog my pores so i moght need to use that.
  2. Guys,a little bit of positivity, im beggining an acupuncture treatment (ancient chinese medecine) in 12 hours. Its really promising as it can cure most of the times skin problems (eczema,acne..). My parents tried it for allergies and apnea and it worked for them, so im really excited. Basically i need to take at least 3-4 sessions to see a difference and healing. Wish me luck
  3. FOR FUCK SAKE IM SO FUCKING MAD RIGHT NOW!!!! My skin was having so much progress... Then cold as shit weather came (-25 deg+), then guess what... My skin quality is shit and redness is back its fucking annoying i want to play hockey and get fresh air but i cant, the dry cold weather ruins my skin... I guess ill stay inside for a few days to let it calm down @shmilyM youre so lucky to be able to use anything on your face, i cant use anything or i get clogged pores/redness. I dont even h
  4. @trashydude Hey my bro, glad you got the fapping frequency controlled as masturbating more than 2-3 times a week can be a disaster lol. Also good luck on raw vegan diet, it is really really hard to do especially if you eat alot with other people. But if this diet doesnt clear you up, you might not be affected by food for your acne. So its worth the try so you can see how food affects u. Also one tip i can give you is to prepsre your self by transitionning to raw foods gradually. Try to eat
  5. Also one thing goal i forgot: -Get rid of porn. Its barely impossible to do nofap if you still watch porn. I've been avoiding it for the past week and when i get rid of it completely nofap will ne easier. happy new years to you guys
  6. Also warning: long post bit it is informative and you will learn from my mistakes. 2017 will be the year we get clear guys, happy holidays everyone. For me getting clear will get me back my old personnality as all these skin issues made me really depressed and sad.. But anyways, here are my goals for 2017: -Try my best at nofap for wellbeing and skin benefits -sleep earlier and wake earlier monday to friday. -Hygiene: continue washing pillows, taking cold showers, wash my hair fr
  7. @shmilyM i amhappy for you thst you have some progress also, keep going. Regarding dopamine and prolactin, i have already studied the link between them and i do agree with you and it plays a role. Hence cutting out masturbation and doing sports and exercice helps acne. I would really recommend sweating as contrary to popular belief, it doesnt block pores is a natural anti-bacterial. Read this: http://supernaturalacnetreatment.com/sweat-your-way-to-clear-skin/
  8. Hey guys, sorry for not being active lately Right now my progress is very good i ajusted my sleep schedule and about 5/7 days per week i sleep before midnight and wake at about 7-9. Before that, iwas going to sleep at 3-4 am which is obviously bad. also at christmas party i ate a little bit of bad foods but no acne appeared. One reason is that ive started back to take cold showers. I put my face in the ice cold water a good minute and it does the job. Also i drink alot of water and keep m
  9. Was clear for 5-6 days, masturbated yesterday and red pimple popped up directly on middle of forehead. Feelsbadman. Day 1 today
  10. Stsrted back cold showers every morning and changing pillowcases more frequently.. Good progress so far.. Ill update some more later.
  11. I'm gonna to go to bed in about 20 mins, (21:01 atm), ill let you know on the progress.
  12. I'll try magnesium, i already heard of it for sleep, also, read this: https://m.reddit.com/r/acne/comments/1a1na9/sleep_what_ive_learned_recently/ Guillermo
  13. You can do it bro, i found a trick that works every time: DISTRACT YOURSELF, NEVER BE ALONE. My friend slept in my room for the past few days and because of that fapping was not an option, now guess what, day 7 however,I slept very late for the past 4 days because as i said my friend went sleeping in at my appartement ever since i arrived and guess what... The healing of my skin is much slower.. Also on top of that i only slept like 5-6 hours per night these 4 days even tho i went to bed at
  14. Day 4, here. @shmilyM mmmm.. Pretty weird reaction you got there, i dint think its the vitamin C, its probably the histamines in citrus fruits that causes allergic reaction
  15. Also regarding about redness after masturbation orgasm, Its called SEX FLUSH, its just an increased blood flow to a certain area while having sex or masturbating and its healthy and not dangerous. I use to get redness all over my chest while masturbating alot before. Like 2 or 3 orgasms in a row or also after sex. Also yesterday i masturbated one time because i was really horny. I had a sex flush on the cheeks and too be fairit looked nice. It gives color like i just did a heavy sport session