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  1. Besame cosmetics has THE most beautiful packaging hands down. I have the powder compact, a lipstick, a blush, and the loose powder and all of them are stunning. Paul & Joe also makes really awesome packaging.
  2. Can anyone tell me why the Siesta blush was discontinued? I was planning on ordering it after reading the great reviews on MUA, but I read that it was discontinued!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions you guys! I think I may have just found my HG blush............EDM's Back to School. I thought I wouldn't like it because of the shimmer but the shimmer in this one is sooo fine it just looks glowy and not glittery like NARS' orgasm did.
  4. I might be joining this cult soon lol. I have used everyday minerals before when my skin was at its absolute WORST and I must say, the intensive foundation and multi tasking concealer did a HELL of a job covering up my severe cystic acne. When my skin cleared up my accutane though I just stopped ordering it and switched over to PF's loose mineral foundation because it was sheerer and I could get it at the grocery store. I've also tried their chit chat blush (which I HATED) and their weekend
  5. Heya guys....i'm looking for a new blush and I was wondering which ones you guys use. I prefer blushes that are more in the pinky-peach arena that are MATTE without looking heavy or old lady. Any ideas? I recently bought and tried NARS' orgasm blush but it just turned out wwaayyy too shimmery on me.
  6. Hi Lily,

    When you have time could you check your PM box? Thanks!

  7. Congrats on starting accutane! I actually popped my first pill today! (this is my second course though) I'm not sure about removing liquid make-up since I havn't worn it in YEARS, but when I was on accutane I used pond's cold cream and a lukewarm washcloth to remove my mineral make up. It doesn't irritate, it's moistering, and it takes every. single. thing. off your face!
  8. That made me really sad. I ADORE perfume. I have over 8. I wonder if my Chanel N.5 is poisoning me?
  9. strappy sandels, peep toe pumps, wedges, ballerina flats, pointy toe flats, stilletos, kitten heels................you name 'em.......I wear 'em. I am a professed shoe whore. Right now I am lusting over these beauties: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/30382879/c/17.../women/s/1.html
  10. Hiya! I was wondering if anyone here has used or uses silk powder and if so, what brand and if it made them break out or not. I'm kinda looking into the Lumiere one because of the reviews on makeupalley, but I always feel the need to ask the org ladies for their opinion as well.
  11. Looks pretty promising.......I hope all the oils in it won't break me out though!
  12. I use olive oil as a cleanser and as a eye moisterizer and I love it!
  13. covergirl lashblast! I'm in love with that stuff!