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  1. Better call Saul!

  2. Okay, the reason i assumed that was becuase you used the term ''Bleed''. In my experience the term bled/bleed/bleeding normally refers to the colour seeping or leaking from the intended area/foil package and colouring surrounding hair. If you mean the colour is fading fast, there's not a great deal you can do besides topping it up. Washing it every day with harsh shampoo is not going to help though. Regards dry shampoo, Batiste is pretty good. Don't use it every day though as it can cause
  3. Sounds like you need a different brand of colour. I'm guessing you're doing colour sections/chunks/strips rather than the whole lot? Obviously colour bleeding wouldn't notice if the whole of your hair is coloured to the same shade.. Unless you're talking about the colour fading? In which case, that's unfortunately just red tones generally. They always fade quickly.
  4. Listen up! You are amazing. You're a love person and to back it all up you're hotter than the sun. It wont be like this forever, Sarah. Please go see someone if you're that unhappy though... xx

  5. Just checking you out! haha x

  6. damn! i missed you by like an hour! get online! x

  7. ... it's been a while.

  8. Nighty night beautiful x

  9. How very english of you! haha!

  10. Very good. How are you? x

  11. I'm okay my love, how are you?! I'm such a slacker when it comes to online... I just um... erm... forget? I know, i'm terrible!