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  1. On to week 5 and my skin is still red irritated and it's also swollen. I thought it was normal but everyday my skin looks more and more swollen. Not sure if this is normal anymore it looks super round and red. I don't even look like myself anymore.
  2. Is it normal for my skin to be this read after applying benzyl peroxide and moisturizer? It burns and the redness does not go away stays this way all day
  3. I am mid week of my 4th week, I wake up with clear skin and then at work I get around 6-8 new pimples on my chin. I am extremely stressed at work. Would you say this is normal around week 4? And will this regimen work even though I stress everyday!?
  4. Why is my skin still red and irritated at week 4 will it eventually go away ?
  5. Week three... skin is still very red and itchy and irritated is this normal? Also is it normal for it to almost look swollen and making my face look fatter ? It's very red when I first put the product and stays like this for maybe 2 ours but it stays looking round all day
  6. Start of week 4 and my skin is still very red after applying bp, and I am still breaking out about 8 pimples every single day.. when can I start using aha I want to clear up my acne scars
  7. Been breaking out bad using this acne.org regimen. Can the jojoba oil be breaking me out ?
  8. Today marks my 3 weeks and my skin hates me. My skin doesn't even feel like skin anymore. I have never seen it so dry in my life. I try everything to allow it to stay moisturized but it just cracks and flakes. I have been getting around 8 pimples (With a white head) 4 on each side of my chin every single day. I have stopped using making up about a week ago for good so I understand it may still be because of irritation from the makeup I used two weeks ago. But dam my skin hurts so bad and it fill
  9. Can jojoba oil be breaking me out ? I'm on week two and am breaking out worse then before the regimen I don't want to give up on the regimen
  10. Are you using a moisturizer? USE MORE AND JOBABA OIL I am I will use more !
  11. Week two on benzoyl peroxide. I use it twice a day. My skin has been super dry, here's a picture. Just want to make sure it's normal.
  12. I have been on the acne regimen for two weeks now and I've noticed that I've been getting a lot of cystic pimples that I've never gotten before. They are so painful and so deep within my skin is this normal and will It stop?
  13. Wow so today I found the page that talks about cosmetic acne. Never in a million years did I think that make up would be causing my acne. It wasn't causing it anywhere else why would it be causing it around my chin? After reading about cosmetic acne I feel like I finally figured out what caused it in every first place! Thank you Dan! Now I will have to stop wearing make up and will sure to continue using acne.org regimen. THis a big step for me ! An embarrassing journey but I know I have to do
  14. My skin has been looking very tan since I started using acne.org regimen. I read that it might be the moisturizer. Would it be a bad idea to just use jojoba oil in the morning to avoid the "tan look" and then use the regular moisturizer at night ?