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  1. Oh my god! Has anyone tried this foundation yet? I recently just purchased it and after using for a couple of days I'm in love!! This foundation is like nothing I've ever used, granted I've only stuck to drugstore brands since I've started wearing makeup. It's so light and natural, but it covers all my red marks and acne scars. It feels like my own skin! Other foundations I've used (Revlon, Maybelline) basically just cover my face, turning it into the colour of the foundation. But, with MUFE it'
  2. Wow...I can't even accomplish sex once a day... I think the original purpose of this thread has gone down the toilet.... Thanks for the serious answers though.
  3. Now that my last year of highschool is almost over, I'm starting to get very very depressed . I mean, I have people who I enjoy hanging out with at school but who don't really invite me to hang out after school. I'm too self concious and shy to do anything about it. My worst fear is that I'll be spending my entire summer vacation as a loner and social outcast. There's also this guy that I have a HUGE crush on, but I know it could never be, and since schools almost over...it's gonna be hell tryin
  4. You can buy it at any drugstore. My name is Good Golly Miss Molly, a woman with sensitive skin. I am not buying over the counter stuff. Im talking fancy primers from department stores Sorry, just trying to help...
  5. Monistat Anti-Chafing gel!!! It's the best makeup primer I've used, and super cheap too. You can find tons of reviews of this stuff on makeupalley. It gives my skin a beautiful silky smooth finish and lets my makeup apply evenly. I've also noticed that I don't oily as much during the day. Go try this out, it's my absolute HG!!
  6. Geez, I totally know what you mean! I had the best skin of my life a couple weeks back, and I remember saying to myself "damn my skin better be this good in time for prom." Well, a week later DAM! Dry cracking skin, itchy nasty redmarks and tiny bumps everywhere...I cried the whole day...Funny thing is, right after prom my skin went back to normal...
  7. Have beautiful skin which includes: Smaller pores Even toned skin colour No blemishes/scars No dark circles under eyes No stretch marks! (damn those marks) Less oily Maybe be a little paler, but its not a big deal Get a nose job Even out my eyelids (maybe even make my eyes bigger) Laser hair removal Get liposuction out of my cheeks or magically transform my face smaller/narrower Grow another 3inches Get a boob job Lose weight Smaller hands Stop sweating Heh, I have major self esteem issues...
  8. Do you use primer? My skin is like that also, it gets really oily throughout the day and I end up looking like a grease ball. But, I started using Monistat Anti-chaffing gel as a primer and I find that it helps reduce the oiliness significantly, though not completely. It also doesn't make me break out, so give it a try.
  9. Hi, I found some pictures of men with long hair...some of these guys have hair shorter than shoulder length so sry about that... Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Pic 4 Pic 5 I was also thinking about Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in LOTR Viggo Mortensen Antonio Banderas Enjoy!
  10. Why did you curl your hair after spending so much just to straighten it?
  11. You could always try visine... Whoa, did I go back in time? My post is at 11:30AM while the person above me is 12:20AM...
  12. Anyone tried this product from the body shop? The product claims to tighten and unblock large pores, help excess oiliness and occasional blemishes. It's fairly new so I haven't found any reviews regarding this product. I realize there's no miracle cure for my enlarged pores however, the body shop is having a buy 2 get 1 free on skin care products so I'm contemplating whether or not I should get this.