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  1. how about less is more, blend a cucumber and add lemon juice and put it on your face for 30mins then wash off. try that see how it goes. heard it meant to be good
  2. update, well after 2 months usage i found the kojic and papaya soap on ebay commonly reffered to as diana stalder soaps is not effective at all. instead i have found the likas papaya soap more effective but not for lightening just for cleaning. tho likas soap is marketted as a lightening soap i don't think there is enough there to do anything and as i have used this soap for a month aswell i found it very good at cleaning the face if not anything else. overall the likas soap is a good soap for
  3. i guess for a truly effective regime u may need to incorporate a lightener if u wish like agera phyto lightening cream. lather soap and apply on face, leave for 2 mins then wash off. im not sure whats best when washing it off cold or warm water.. normally i jus use warm water but sometimes cold when their is no warm water LOL. im not sure about the likas soap cos i havnt tried it. all i do know is at first when i used the kojic papaya soap it left skin dry so moisturising is highly essential
  4. That's quite unfortunate.
  5. I guess this question is for those of you who are up to date with your PIH research, i've been using this product and am a bit confused if it has worked or not, one thing it has done is to limit the amount of breakouts which i guess is the papaya enzyme due to its exfoliating effect. Has anyone of you guys used this soap commonly reffered to as Diana Stalder Kojic & Papaya soap.. tho if you can see on ebay sellers sell OEM a non branded version of Diana Stalders soap which normally comes i
  6. I tred this years ago... nothing more then hype. I wouldnt bother. Use Duac. get it from your GP as it is on Prescription ONLY.
  7. using avalon skin care range active ingredient licorice root and also licorice soap when in shower.
  8. Ahh, another fellow azelex user. I'm using finacea, i did a very stupid thing and rubbed off a scab on my nose leaving a dark pigmented scar, im also using azelaic acid to help get rid of it. in the form of finacea. gel version. hope it helps!!
  9. CEO

    Finacea Log

    ok the doc didnt tell me about this no wonder my skin looks severely red. according to the finacea website, we should be adopting the following skincare routine; Applying FINACEA: If your dermatologist has prescribed a topical medication called FINACEA, you should apply a thin layer to your face and gently but thoroughly massage it into your skin. Allow the FINACEA 5 to 10 minutes to completely dry before applying a moisturizer. If you don’t have a prescription for FINACEA, talk to your derma
  10. CEO

    Finacea Log

    its' not really really dry but its dry enough to look bad... very rough looking face...atm. may have overdone it i think. im taking a day or two out from finacea let the skin replenish. face is looking red
  11. CEO

    Finacea Log

    hello again, hope things are going well with you, wanted to ask in terms of dryness how is it best to combat the slightly dry side effect of finacea, moisturising throughout the day doesnt seem to be enough even tho i only use finacea once daily applied at night.. do you moisturise or is it acceptable to moisturise after applying finacea at night aswell?
  12. CEO

    Finacea Log

    Hi, After my last message i went to the GP and dropped the differin cream and opted for Finacea, I have to say this is proberbly the best choice in terms of acne medication iv made throughout the last 15yrs and that's saying something, but then again finacea was only made available last year so I can live with that. Finacea is really mild and yet very effective at the same time it does not irritate the skin, iv been using it for a week now and iv had these annoying tiny tiny comedones somewhi
  13. CEO

    Finacea Log

    Wooh, finally. I can tell you it took me a while to skim through your log. I recent came across finacea and thought it may be just the product i was looking for to get rid of PIH and the odd acne spots nothing major but just the odd spot or two. From reading your log, it's been difficult to make up my mind, but since iv used azelex cream in the past, i have to agree this product would cause a higher then average level of dryness which could be irritating for some users especially for people like
  14. OK KY, Well seeing as no one has any knowledge in this particular field so it seems, the answer to your question is easy compared to mine. you cannot do glycolic peels when using retin-a that goes for retin-a micro aswell. as for creams/cleansers which include a AHA ingredient, i'd avoid that too, it will just irritate ur skin, i mean from personal experience with retin-a skin is tender, red as it is. i would just moisturise whilst on retin-a. i did 1 peel of glycolic and everything so far