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  1. Have any of the women here who have taken niacin experienced irregular periods from taking it? It's the only thing I have changed so it seems likely, but I can't find anything online. I am taking the no flush version. Thanks.
  2. I started taking two to three tablespoons a day of ACV about three weeks ago. I dillute it with water and drink it throughout the day. So far, so good! My skin is looking a lot better. Not perfect, but it has a better tone and the size/severity of my breakouts has lessened greatly. I highly recommend trying it.
  3. Has anyone successfully taken a B complex that doesn't cause breakouts? Perhaps one with lower doses of each vitamin? I feel like a B Complex could benefit some problems I am having (anxiety, etc.) but I have heard bad things about B Complex, especially B5, B6, B12, and Biotin, which seems to defeat the purpose. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  4. Quick update -- I cut my zinc dosage in half, and now not even a week later I started my period (after three months without!). I think the high zinc really was disrupting my cycle.
  5. Thanks everyone. I am cutting back now -- here's to hoping my periods get back on track!
  6. Has anyone had any problems with high dose zinc (75mg+ daily) causing their period to disappear? I have had problems with irregular periods ever since I went off birth control, but they seem to be worse after taking a higher dose of zinc. I know that zinc can increase testosterone levels, so I wonder if that is what is happening. I am taking a larger dose of zinc because I eat a lot of beans which supposedly inhibit some zinc absorption, but maybe I should cut back.
  7. I just started on glutamine about two weeks ago for leaky gut. I was taking 500mg about every other day, but upped it to 1,000mg every day the last few days. At first I thought it was making me break out on my back, but then I realized it was due to a new detergent I was using. So far, I haven't noticed anything one way or the other with my facial acne. Leaky gut is pretty much ruining my life -- I can barely eat anything anymore without breaking out or getting puffiness under my eyes. I
  8. Nope, same weight as usual! It is a very weird puffy -- it looks like I spent the previous night drinking and eating junk and didn't get a wink of sleep.
  9. I have a strange Paleo question... Has anyone noticed larger bags under their eyes since starting Paleo? I eat only grass-fed, locally grown meat, but if I eat anything other than beef, specifically turkey or chicken, I get huge bags under my eyes that don't go away. I drink plenty of water and supplement with fish oil. I do not consume sodium except for what naturally occurs in foods. Any idea what might be causing this? I stopped eating beans because of the lectin content, but now I hav
  10. Do you take Vitamin D? I started supplementing with 4,000IU daily over two years ago and haven't been sick since. I work out pretty intensely too so I am not sure if that would be a cause, but it may be an individual thing.
  11. Did anyone experience an initial breakout with milk thistle?
  12. Great! Picolinate is the one I just bought. When you say take a break from it, do you mean from that particular type or zinc in general?
  13. Believe - Yep, I agree 100%! I do everything you mentioned but just started on zinc last week. I took it on and off before but just purchased a better quality version/type. I also have cut out foods that can interfere with zinc absorption (namely beans, I was eating several servings per day). Learning about omega 3/omega 6 was a HUGE eye-opener for me. I used to eat lots of nuts thinking I was doing a great thing for my body... until I realized how many omega 6s were in them. My skin clear