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  1. Call Medical Society of State of New York to ask about how to file a complaint against a NYC doctor. http://www.mssny.org/index.cfm
  2. Most of these so called doctors are nothing more than scoundrels who takes advantage of your state of mind. Their rediculously expensive price tags is a big fat warning sign of their true greedy nature. There is no effective regulatory bodies to govern them, a lot of them form some kind of closed circuited boys club to cover each other's behind. I suggest you file a complaint to local physician college, it may not help your case but if enough people do this, the "doctor" will be exposed soon
  3. Does these "prominent" physicians have first hand experience treating patient suffering from bad dermabrasion results? Here is an example: read this thread.. This member flew from Italy to the US to have dermbrasion, not sure who he went to or what his original skin tone was. Like a lot of ppl he suffered from altered texture and pigment from the dermabrasion. I talked to a fair skined caucasian member who had full dermabrasion, as a result suffers serious rosacea like symptoms and nerve dam
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but sounds like you are only looking for good results, and is already sold on dermabrasion with Yarborough. If you are selectively screening out bad results other have posted, please do yourself a favor, DO NOT READ ON. However, if you are serious about assessing risks and benefits by getting both sides of the story, some dermabrasion patients did sufferred irreversible complications (myself included), and have to live with bad results for the rest of th
  5. I have been talking to a fair caucasian who had dermabrasion recently. He also suffer severe demarcation line due to different pigment and (most people don't think of this) texture, plus rosacea like redness and flushing. The risk is not low for fair skin people, although most people seem to believe that. Are you are implying that I am imagining it when countless people stare at my jawline and laugh, and that I am the one alone to blame for taking this procedure? Sure there are people who do
  6. It smoothened edges of some shallow icepick scars. Yes the lines and hypopigmentation are severe even after 3.5 years, obviously giving out that I had some kind of botched cosmetic procedure done to my face. If I knew the true consequences I would never have done it; dermabrasion brought too much pain and humiliation. We live in a society of double standards. On one hand people are critical of scarred skins, on the other hand they think people especially male who has procedures are vain, a
  7. Your derm is telling the truth (which is rare), myself and and a number of people I know who had dermabrasions are proofs.
  8. At my consultation with Yarborough in Feb 2005, he said the only people who ever had complications from his dermabrasion were: 1. A lady who wears make up 3 days after dermabrasion to board a plane. 2. Another lady who had sunburn going under the sun 6 months post dermabrasion. He didn't screen me out despite I had type IV screen type, nor did he mention risk of different texture, vascular disorder, very noticeable demarcation line which occurred to me as a result of dermabrasion. In 2004 an
  9. PS or Derm, you better turn around and run, if they tell you that after performing laser / invasive procedures for many years, they never have any serious complications. You have the right to know each procedure's risks.
  10. On you tube Weezer "Pork and Beans" chorus I'mma do the things that I wanna do I ain't got a thing to prove to you I'll eat my candy with the pork and beans Excuse my manners if I make a scene I ain't gonna wear the clothes that you like I'm fine and I'm dandy with the me inside One look in the mirror and I'm tickled pink I don't give a hoot about what you think Just be yourself. Cheers.
  11. Come on Artic Monkey, please believe in yourself and start climbing out of this hole. I was locked in the same depression for 6 months post derma, before I decided enough was enough. To me those painful 6 months felt like a lifetime. We don't have a lot of 5 years to waste away like this. I am speaking from experience, so please listen to my words. Damaged skin or not, you have the choice to be strong and beautiful again. Never, never let judgement of those who don't understand you shake y
  12. Christine, Since you are very fair, if hypopigmentation does occur on you it wouldn't be as bad as it had for me (I used to have type IV asian skin on my face before my full face dermabrasion), but still you must prepare for it to happen. I have a friend with very fair skin with hypopigmented spot on his cheek (as a result of a wound), it is noticeable but it doesn't look too bad. However the risk of non-resolving, persisting redness, uncovering underlying (even more) scars, bigger pores is d