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  1. Hi I wouldn't recommend using foaming cleansers as they usually contain sodium Laurel Sufate which can dry out the skin and in turn make your skin produce more oil. It can also irritate your skin. It sounds like you have PCOS as you have the excess facial hair and acne. You can have blood tests done to check out your hormone levels. You can help your Insulin levels by cutting out foods that raise your sugar level quickly. Be careful using Nivea products, they can be quite oily.
  2. Hi, I am now 30 and I have had persistent acne since I was 18. I had previous antibiotics for 8 weeks due to Endocarditis and further antibiotics for years for the acne which never worked. I have had constant digestive issues and only recently through own research have realised the connection between antibiotic use destroying the good bacteria in your gut which can potentially make acne worse. I started the Candida diet followed by the GAPS diet. Do some research on these, it may work for yo