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  1. Beauty&Blemishes-reading this post and the rest of your articles/videos made me so happy and uplifted! My favorite part of this website is people coming together from all walks of life and helping one another and this post exemplifies all that and more. I'm all about being positive and happy- and your confidence and grace help me carry on. Thank you for all that you do for other people, lifting them up, and sharing your story and love with others. You are truly amazing. Stay strong and pow
  2. Liam- your original post touches home for me on a variety of levels. It brings me to tears to read how you describe your current situation. I sympathize with your struggles, and can also empathize with you because I have been there and it is a very dark place. I remember my own crossroads in choosing whether to take Accutane. There is a very dark cloud that surrounds this course of action for some reason. But I, like you, had to accept that I had tried everything and I just needed for it to g
  3. Some higlights, jwalk! Save yourself some heartache and don't comment here again. You don't need to keep answering me on my post out of your incredible need to have the last word or some moral authority or whatever the black hole you call your sense of humor or mindfulness or support. You get more ridiculous and offensive with every post. I have reported you because if I can help one person stay away from you, I would jump at the honor. I have never witnessed such ...I'm drawing on a bl
  4. Observation: Your profile on this site is littered with you confronting others, injecting your out-of-place opinions and condescension into personal discussions and forums. This website is for people to shed away their usual insecurities and lend support to others with acne just like them. There is no place here in my posts and in my opinion on this site for your behavior. You are preying on others vunerability, and it is reprehensible and disgusting. I am all for lively debate, but you
  5. There is so much negativity that surrounds a person in a situation with acne involved. All I was trying to do is tell others that there are people out there that love them and find them valuable. We are all cherished whether we can recognize it or not. By your actions, you can direct your energy into feeling happy and confident. Nothing fake about that. This is by no means overly sentimental, jwalk. I seen trolling a lot on this website. I also see a lot of love and compassion shared among
  6. Hi Lenka22! I feel awful that you have to go through this. You said that you don't have any food allergies. Let me try to understand your situation a little better then: 1. Have you had a problem with acne in the past? 2. Has there been anything in the past few days that may have altered hormonal levels? 3. What have you been eating? 4. Can you recall anything at all that may have touched your face that wasn't the cleanest? Let me know. I'm here for you.
  7. Hi itssarakang! So sorry to hear about your struggles! Hang in there!! Do you happen to moisturize? I am two weeks post-Accutane and I have found that moisturizing throughout this entire process has been my lifeline. I use CeraVe facial moisturizer and it works great! It's not greasy, and it says that it can be used on normal to dry skin types. I think this might be able to help you. I moisturize nightly and encounter very little dryness. Let me know! Feel free to message me!
  8. Hey guys! I just wanted to put something out there on this site that reminded everyone that they are beautiful. Reading through posts from of all sorts of people, I long to comment on each one saying to not be discouraged! I just want to say to each of you: Feel proud of yourself. Let confidence and happiness spill from within. Each one of you are talented and compassionate and so mindful and thoughtful. Don't lose sight of that. Take a moment to recognize that which you bring to the worl
  9. Hey gman2!! Glad to see you finished because Accutane can be quite a endeavor! I am 2 weeks post-Accutane. A. My dry lips have diminished pretty much completely. (Some days I do not even need to use chapstick! Imagine that! I know!!) B. I still continue to moisturize (CeraVe night cream all the way) but I know that my skin is not as dry AT ALL. C. Flushing diminished but not perfect yet. D. Red marks gradually fade! This has been the hardest part for. They are v...e...r....y gradually
  10. Hey GrowingCosmo! I actually just finished my Accutane regimen, and I am ecstatic about my results! Early on in my treatment, I began using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for my face and Aveeno body moisturizer for my body. That helped immensely with the types of dry skin patches/rashes that you are experiencing. I also was religious about applying and reapplying Vaseline on my lips to keep any at all moisture locked in. At 2 weeks, I had already experienced the typical initial breakout, a
  11. Cloutboy! Just from these pictures I see so much improvement from when you started! Don't give up! Keep going strong! It will get even better in the future! Hang in there man!!
  12. Keep on going SendMeAngels! I just finished my Accutane regimen, and I have seen great results! I was discouraged in the beginning, but over time my side effects became more manageable. I am loving life now so much more than ever! Stay strong! It with get so much better and you will gain a sense of self-appreation that exceeds all exceptions. Never feel like you cannot leave your house! Remember that you offer others so much, more than you can sometimes recognize. If you ever need
  13. Hi Jason2! I recently wrapped my Accutane regimen, and it was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I was in the same place as you; my skin was gradually getting worse and nothing that I tried was working. I decided to take on Accutane, and it has changed my life. I am going to be honest, the side effects are nothing to brush off. I had very dry skin, but as long as you moisturize daily, that is not a big problem. I had joint pain but that has gradually decreased as the months wen
  14. Hi Egk5349! I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your Accutane journey! It takes an immense amount of courage to go down this path, and I applaud you. I just finished my course and saw SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT! Hang in there! The side effects are quite impressive, but nothing that cannot be combatted. Also, your face will clear in a short time. Good for you to being taking this big step, and I know from experience that your life will become so much better in quality if you stay on