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  1. Tinted moisturizers are just for giving your skin a bit of color. It gives some coverage so if you are pretty clear and just have uneven complexion and not a lot of scarring then it is sufficient for coverage. I personally like Benefit You Rebel (original tint, they have a "lite" version now too) because it is very weightless and evens out my skin on days that I look blotchy. I use it on days I know I will be out in the sun (it has SPF) but I don't want to wear powder, such as going to the beach
  2. I am a figure skater and I noticed that two years ago I started getting rough, dark patches on the left side of my foot below the ankle. I thought this was a combination of my skates being too tight (even though the right foot didn't get it), skating outdoors in the freezing weather, etc. Anyway I didn't mind it much during the winter but it was embarrassing in the summer when I had to venture out in flip flops and stuff because it made my foot look dirty but I didn't know what to do to get rid
  3. I think in the FAQ section of the site, Dan mentioned that even he mentioned he hasn't outgrown his acne yet. I think I have outgrown mine, because I only tend to breakout during that time of the month whereas before I always had mild but multiple pimples at a time. I'd rather use BP as part of a regular regimen than spend $15-$20 for a smaller tube of prescription topicals and another $15 or so for prescription pills, not to mention co-pays for a dermatologist visit.
  4. Are you outside the US? Because I only paid $20 and some cents for the AHA ($16 + $4 shipping). Some say it is sticky and takes forever to dry. - It is sticky at first but then you feel the "tightness" and slight stinging and that is when you know it's getting to work. I don't think it takes forever to dry. After I put it on I watch some TV or do some stuff before bed like lay out my clothes for the next day, and after 5 minutes or so my skin feels normal. Some say it makes them look greasy.
  5. I currently use the AHA+ and since i only use it once a day, it's going to last me awhile, probably at least 3 months. It only cost me $20 including the shipping for a big tube...it costs less than similar AHAs like Paula's Choice and I think she charges more for shipping than Dan. I am very happy with the AHA and when the current BP i use runs out, I will just order Dan's to get more for my money.
  6. I got my first period at 11 but didn't start getting my first pimple until I was about 13. I didn't get mild acne until I was 16 (has school pictures to prove it)
  7. I agree, for a guy it almost seems like they are "battle scars" or something, makes them look tough. But for girls it's not ideal. which is really sad. But at least girls can cover up with a lot of makeup to hide it and in the movies /shows they always have the most flattering lighting which makes a big difference.
  8. I'm in love with Benefit products. They never broke me out. Fpr everyday light coverage I use their You Flawless SPF 15 powder. But if I want heavier coverage for a special occasion I use the below in the following order. I also included the prices. - That Gal primer $28 (i think) - You Rebel tinted moisturizer (it comes in two shades, regular and lite. I use regular) $30 - You Flawless powder in Beige $34 The primer is nice to apply midday or in the afternoon to refresh your makeup...you can
  9. I'm sad to hear that. I have been on Dan's AHA+ now to good results. I have been pretty much clear whereas I should have gotten about 1 or 2 new zits by now because my breakouts seem to coincide with that time of the month. I had two lumps on my chin that I know if it weren't for the AHA+ would have become full grown pimples, but the AHA+ stopped them in its tracks overnight (layered over BP). The AHA+ also reduced my overall blotchiness and lightened up some hyperpigmentation scars. They are no
  10. I agree with the tinted moisturizer route. Get one with SPF in it like Neutrogena Healthy Skin (i think that's what its called, the one wtih SPF 30). You only need a little bit so it looks more natural and doesn't make you super flawless (because if you look super flawless then of course ppl will notice the difference).....but at least evens you out and you are less blotchy and red. It's like saying," yo my skin is not perfect but i'm still decent". It makes you look like your breakouts are ther
  11. I agree with the primer! I like Smashbox or Benefit That Gal.
  12. Yeah I keep my pressed powder in my purse and it comes with a mirror. Sometimes I'll just take a quick glance. In the car I gotta check myself out in the rearview mirror though, everytime.l
  13. Me too, when I was in college I was on topicals and also antibiotics. I lived in a coed floor and there were some others there too with less than flawless skin. As for my own skin I didn't really give it much thought and my roommate who had nice skin didn't ask any questions. I just proceeded to apply my stuff (i think i was on Clindamycin in the morning and Tazorac at night), sometimes even while I'm talking to her LoL. When I did my routine in the bathroom one of the girls was like, "Oh yeah I
  14. I guess other things to ask: - how long have you been using the Aveeno moisturizer and maybe its not agreeing with you...I use the same moisturizer and I like it, but I don't use it at night. I noticed that you do. I'm not sure how the sunscreen ingredient affects the skin if left on all night, know what i mean. - what are the patterns of your breakouts in relation to your period.
  15. man i'm having the same problem ~x( . The only difference is that only my t-zone is super oily..expecially forehead and nose. The chin is alright..and cheeks are normal/dry. So, because of my UNUSUAL SUPER OILY t-zone... i often get some pimples in that area. I don't have a bad acne or something...but.. i hate that stupid t-zone..why can't it be normal? it's not even a little oily. It's super oily, awkwardly oily..i think nobody has and oilier t-zone than me. During the day i was cleaning my fac