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  1. Hey, I have some active acne and scars on my face. I use foundation to cover it up every morning, but I notice it's a bad idea. I gain more acne every time I wash off my foundation. I wonder if there is any foundation that won't cause me more acne? please help me. thank you.
  2. I just went to a plastic surgeon this morning, and she highly recommended Obagi system for me. she said it really worked. I'm not sure if the clinic had signed any contracts with Obagi company so it will sell their products. I'm extremely skeptical about something like this. I spent way too much $ for something which didn't work for crap. but she is a plastic surgeon, and it definitely gave me some credit about her. anyways, I just need to hear more advices from you guys.
  3. Hey, guys. I just finished reading all your posts, and noticed that most of you said you started peeling in about a couple of days after applying Jessener. can anyone describe the peeling? does the skin first turn to brown scab, and then peels off? or the skin doesn't turn to any color, just pure dry dead skin peel off. if I try this product, can I first put a little on a tiny piece of my face to test it? I'm also afraid to do this myself, and more afraid to do this in a derm's office. I had bad
  4. proactive can suck my cock, can't believe you even mentioned this shit here, nobody will believe you. you should be embarrassed
  5. http://www.dermstore.com/questions/question_4111.htm
  6. I read some articles about the directions of how to use the peeling. For example, glycolic peel is said to require lotion after it's done. and if lotion applies, it definitely moisturalizes the skin, and how would the moisturalized skin peel? I remember I came here a couple of months ago, and saw the pictures of some dude performed glycolic peel successfully, and I can't find that topic again, can anybody help me find it? it's about a guy who did the peeling himself, and he updated his progressi
  7. hey girls. I watched the commercial of bare mineral which is claimed that it can cover all the blemish on your face naturally that nobody will notice you have makeup on. I'm wondering if anybody has tried it since it's not in any store yet, you have to order it on the phone. Thanks.
  8. thanks for your advice about cleaser. and I like to post it here, cos I like it here
  9. never mind. I guess I know what caused it. it's because I started washing my faca with some so-called fancy facewash. I used water only to wash my face. big mistake.
  10. hi, girls, here is my experience. I never had some very bad habits that cause acne. I never slept really late at night, never drank a lot of water, never dran coffee or anything contains caffine. never put makeup on my face except my eyes, lips and eyebrows, never drand milk or ate cheese. I'm Chinese, and I eat Chinese food only. so I eat a lot of rice, veggies, fruit. my skin used to be breath-taking gorgeous. but all of a sudden, acne popped up on my face. I could not figure out why this coul