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  1. LAST UPDATE probs SO my 6 months is OVER!!! and my derm told me i should stop my treatment ( because it was a low dose of 10-20mg it could be longer than 6 months) buuuuuuuut i asked for 2 more months of prescriptions for good measure and to also ease me off the medication because im dead petrified of PIMPLES RETURNING!! but my skin is... probably the clearest its been in years she prescribed my retrieve cream as a back up or maintenance cream that can be used all over the face to fight pigm
  2. OK HERE are my progress pics, i only took photos of my right cheek because that was the one that had the worst acne - sorry about the lightning changes! but hopefully u ca still see it hope this was helpful im closer to 4 months now but i havent taken a picture
  3. The beginnings the hardest try to stay out the sun to minimise redness and just drink a lot of water!! at least you have no cystic acne breakouts!! you're already halfway though month 1 which is awesome!! good luck man itll get way better!!
  4. MONTH 3 UPDATE (woop woophalf way woop woop) yo my skin... is so smooth like when i get a pimple its teeeeeeny and i make a big deal out of it because its just so rare now. (plus it goes away in a day or so) all im dealing with is slight dark marks of where the pimples used to be, but other than that its been smooth sailing, only dry lips! im now more confident to use products other than cetaphil, and have been using korean face masks and man..... they are too good!!!! only bummer about ac
  5. i dont take any supplements but i do make sure i get 20g fat (or there abouts) before i take accutane i just add avocado to my meals to be honest hahah ive also been reccomended zinc supplements by other friends who went on accutane. . dont worry about your inital break out!! and yeh i still use epiduo on accutane, but i think im gunna stop now becuase my skins getting more sensitive lol but having a topical cream really helped with my breakouts Oh man i hope you start to feel better on ur ru
  6. hey i got my dry lips i think at the end of the first week... but its nothing like it is now, its so bad right now :'( my lips are a like a mosaic of different pink colours because parts keep peeling no matter how consistent i am with lip balm (my skin hasnt gotten dry tho which is weird) i didnt see any improvment in my first month... to be honest it was the worst my acnes ever been (my flare up acne kicked in like day 4) and so far im still waiting for those to settle down. but because i hav
  7. so month 1 day 13 i think???? Anyways my skin has gone down considerably, but my cheek acne is still persistent.... smaller but persistent i also have been dieting for the past week which has made it hard for me to have the 20g of fat per tablet i take, so i feel my absorption of accutane has gone down. btw what i said about that concealer in the previous post... ignore that... the good full coverage is nars all day luminous weightless foundation and their creamy concealer....... listen....
  8. month 1 down!!!! - all in all... a pretty crappy month as expected my lips --> stilll dry crusty and sad skin--> a bit more pimply.... great.. - my forehead clear but left cheek still cystic womp womp NOW im doubling my dose from 1 tablet 10mg to 2 tablets 10mg!!! (also will be reducing my antibiotic.... eeeeepp) Im expecting month 2 to be the similiar... because ive heard month 2 is a frustrating month, where you dont really see much progress ( this is obviously different for p
  9. Something that I've noticed that my face burns if I moisturise my face straight after washing it, even for cetaphil and that stuffs approved for like baby skin, BUT if I wait a bit after I wash my face till my face is like fully dry, it's absolutely fine!!!! At first I was really concerned about my skin being so sensitive on accutane but it's really not as bad as I thought
  10. Thanks! One day you will be clean shaven and ill be make up free! it will happen!! i have so many things that im putting off untill im done with accutane, i just feel like i will enjoy them more and be more confident if my skin was better but i find it super motivating Good luck with accutane!
  11. OK so day 20 -listen ive been reaaalllllllyyyyy bad with my skin, like squeezing wise.... I KNOW its bad but i did it anyway because i had so many pimples up to the surface (and i have 0 self control) , obviously this hasnt done me any favours with the redness but a lot of my pimples are flat now, and i find that after a day or two of scabbing, and that falls off ( this is really gross my apologies) its pretty much flat and blends in with normal skin... but its just a bit red., for obvious reas
  12. Hey! im day 20 now and as soon as some of my pimples flatten, new ones pop up so i decided to continue my epiduo (which i feel is saving my life right now lol). I am just excited for 6 months (or however long itll take) till my skin doesnt feel like this! and i think Im so used to having bad skin on my cheek that this initial breakout isnt phasing me as much!! thanks for your support :) I have just experienced the same thing. I just removed my makeup because my face felt super tight and whe
  13. i dont mean to seem so eager with these updates BUT day 9- i removed my makeup and was SOOO shocked at how red my skin was it was red in places i didnt even know you could be red, like under my eyes, and one of cystic pimples has nearly doubled in size after seemingly getting better... ive never had a breakout this bad before (or a pimple that size! its hugeeee!! and it bugles out my cheek... so noticeable under lighting ... sad )
  14. Im a 20yr old female, ive been on bactrim double strength for 2 months with epiduo, but it hasnt worked it helping me with really stubborn cystic pimples on my cheek. (but bactrim has done wonders for my back acne!) I started accutane about 1 week ago, my skin before accutane had actually improved heaps because i had to wait so long to the dermatologist, but she prescribed me accutane anyway, She told me to continue using bactrim for two months (gradually decsreasing the dose befores stopping a