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    Not Yasmin, but I was on YAZ for 6 weeks. It was truly awful. I had really bad mood swings and literally felt out of body. Around Christmas this past year I had been sobbing for days on end and out of the blue started having suicidal thoughts. I've never had depression or anything like this so it was very unusual. I decided to get off it and have felt fine since. I also didn't notice any change to my acne one way or the other. Have you read up on it? I was surprised to find so many negative co
  2. Hi Kasyani. Thanks for sharing! My own experience has been long and arduous. My acne started at age 11 and has stayed pretty constant until my 30s, when I started taking various topical medications for the for the first time. My acne which used to be limited to the t-zone is now all over my face, although not inflammatory or cystic anymore. I don't know why it's changed... I hate to think that the medication made it worse, but the timing certainly coincided. I know that adult female acne in part
  3. Hello! I'm developing an acne tracker. In order to make sure it meets the needs of acne sufferers, I am looking for a 3-5 people to share their acne experiences with me. I am an acne sufferer myself (at 35, yay!), but think a broader range of perspectives would be helpful. If you're willing to be interviewed, let me know and I'll message you privately. The interview itself will take 20min and won't be shared publicly in any way.