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  1. Amazing help for hormonal acne

    I love it! I tried the one from Healthy America (1300mg) and in 2 months it worked wonders in my skin and helped me lots. I have hormonal adult acne (mild to severe) after I stopped taking birth control pills that had Drospirenone, and this was the most effective thing I tried :) I highly recommend it, I was afraid to take more than two pills each day but that was the right dosis for me (Also, I take vitamin supplements for skin to help). Try it, I don't think you would regret it, and it has oth
  2. Rika, hi! I agree with the girls about the Accutane decision, it might be better for you to try birth pills first :) But also keep in mind that everyone reacts different to each pill, and that's why you should see a doctor/gyn so they give you an accurate advice on the matter (looking at your medical history and how you have reacted to treatment you mentioned in your post). There are such a variety of pills, that is almost certain that you will find one that suits your metabolism and your body s
  3. Sam, Hi! Maybe you should try to "clean" yourself from the Drospirenone that Yasmin has in it, I had problems with it (not the same way yo do) but I found that it wasn't the right pill for me... Things I tried that might help you: Evening Primrose oil, take it twice a day (morning and night), it will help you a lot with your skin! Also, try to take vitamins like skin hair nails (or whatever that has vitamin E, C, D, and zinc in it), and a natural concentrate called Zarzaparrilla, that works clea
  4. Hi, everyone! I used Yasmin for about 5 years and from the beginning I didn't have any breakouts unless I stopped taking them; the first time I used a hormonal method I got a shot (I don't even remember the name of that bc) but it was awful and my body did react to it, so I switched to pills. If a doctor prescribed Yasmin to you, you should talk to he/she immediately because maybe the drospirenone in it is causing your acne to get worse: everyone is different and we get different reactions to ev
  5. Hi Jennifer, that happened to me and my doctor explained that it's because of the ups and downs of the natural cycle that the pill is still regulating, but I'm only in my first pack on another pill (Gynorelle, 24 days)... When I used Yaz it never happened though, but my body got used to the Drospirenone and when I stopped taking them, the result was acné. You should try to reach your gyn, she'll have a more accurate answer :) Also you can try to take Evening Primrose oil in your last active pi
  6. Doesn't work in the long run

    I started taking these pills and switched over brands, all with Drospirenone for about 8 years (Jasmin, Jasminiq, Femelle and Yaxibelle). It was only for birth control, I got some black or whiteheads from time to time but nothing serious. After I stopped taking them I had an adult acne, awful and painful, product of the prolonged use of this type of pills (my gyn told me so). I would say that as long as you take them your skin and hair would look great, it's an amazing contraceptive but after
  7. Day 1 log 10 April 2016 Horrible cramps woke me up, I had many pimples in my face, neck and back though not as bad as a cyst or a nodule. My ears were full of "subdermal pimps" (I don't know how to name those) even inside and my headphones hurt like crap. My face was really really oily, and it happens all the time during the day. My breasts acked, my head also acked. That was Start Day, I hope everything Improves from now on.
  8. Hi! I just created this log to see how my acne behaves and maybe help other people who have the same doubts about this type of birth control pill. I have moderate acne and I've tried to control it with natural things. I started taking them on April 10, they are called Gynorelle but are almost the same as Belara* and they have 2mg Chlormadidone acetate + 0.02mg Ethynilestradiol. The Chlormadidone Acetate is the antiandrogenic component and there's 24 active pills and 4 placebos. I'll post u
  9. Lilok

    Belara Log

    Hi! I really want to know if you've been taking Belara all this time. I started taking Gynorelle, which is another version for Belara in Colombia. I've been taking it for 15 days and I don't notice any improvement in my oily skin... Although I don't have any cysts right now, and it usually happens arround the middle of my cycle. If any one has taken this pill and wants to share their experience, it would be amazing. Thanks!!