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  1. They don't want you going Full Metal Jacket on someone's ass...that's why! lol
  2. Great News...I've been at my job for a little over two months now and LOVE it to death, and I'm getting paid VERY well (over 3k a month for fixing pcs, I don’t have to sell a thing, and its easy work, small business and my boss/owner is AWESOME!) Anyway, even better, I'M GETTING INSURANCE ON THE 4th! W00T! Everyone clap, I'm finally going to get to start on Accutane... Now the question is, which dermatologist do I have to go to? Are there certain ones I need to go to vs. others; is there any
  3. Well, I was THIS close to getting insurance at my old job but I woke up the other morning and decided that I hated it...answering phones sucked ass... So now I just got on with a local computer buisness who loves me but I'm only part time until we open the new store and I move over there to work there full time (we only have 2 locations as of now, 9 employees total). Anyway, is it possible to get the Accutane Shots and what not without insurance, or is there something I can do to cut the cost
  4. Honeslty the last time I 'tried' anything was about two or three years ago now... I really could have cared less as I had long term girlfriend of three years and she liked me the way I was...now I'm having to do the whole dating thing all over again (which SUCKS by the way). I've just been overall the past day or so started really paying attention to what I'm doing (taking a 20min shower vs 5min shower and getting really clean) and then shaving everyday, etc. - Tech
  5. Well I'm learning now that the RetinA (2% I think) worked for a while and then my stepmom gave me some stuff that had the syclilic acid in it or whatever, and learned it counteracted the Benzoyl...I betcha it would have continued getting better if I wouldn't have used the other stuff. Towards Body Acne...nah not really, I think I will try it though
  6. I got my little brother to take pictures of my back for me...I've been outside working on cleaning my car all day so don't freak!
  7. Some of the comments in this thread are hilarious! lol
  8. Honesty doesn't bother me, but yes I've been to a derm a while back but he just subscribed retanol or something and it didnt work. But towards Accutane I don't have insurance just yet...30 more days to go... And I'm kind of scared of the side effects, I hear about bone aching, etc.
  9. Tech Greek


  10. I'm trying to figure out the best routine to take care of my acne, it started when I was about 14 and got horribly worse...I'm a habitual picker though... To me I'm guessing medium, but I dunno.
  11. Seriously, you're good looking - why are you even worried about getting rejected? Hell I'm right across the state line and would drop what I was doing in a heart beat to go out on a date with ya! (Don't think I'm kidding , I really will, just say the word hehe) I wouldn't try with the guy though, you'll just be the rebound like I was for my x-girlfriend...thats the LAST time I fall for it as well (it seems to happen to me all the time)...I to have been single for a while now and hate not havi