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  1. Hey all! I used to be on this site constantly back in 2006-2007 when my acne was its worst. I did a crazy amount of trial and error with so many different products, combinations, and regimens. Then I started taking Yaz in October 2007, and that helped become 99% clear. I was so happy to not worry about a face full of pimples, or having to conceal constantly, etc. I would get one pimple here or there, but rarely. It was amazing. Then I started having serious issues with pain, swelling, and
  2. I'm the VP for an e-commerce selling vintage shaving supplies, and we have recently picked up a line. It's a men's line, but I am in love with "The Standard Moisturizer." All of their products are made with organic certified ingredients. It's very gentle and extremely hydrating. It's kind of pricey for moisturizer, but one of its tiny pumps on a damp face goes a long way. Mine has lasted me awhile. Plus, we also offer travel sizes. PM me if you're interested.. If so, I can see if we have s
  3. I just finished my first month of Yaz and am now struggling to find $60 in the next two days to get my second pack Aside from it being expensive, I like it so far. I just pray that it continues to work for me. I was on OTC prior to this, and it barely made a difference.. My skin would fluctuate by weeks as the dosage in the pills varied. Now, it's consistent. And that makes me smile. Side effects? Dry eyes.. And it doesn't help that I almost never take out my contacts, to top it off. Drop
  4. Well, hey, like I said.. To each their own. It's just not for me. I wish you the best of luck, though.. There are definintely a lot of people who find B5 to be a miracle. And most of us find AG to be a miracle. Put them both together, and you just may find what's right. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. PM me.. I'm about to start some sort of strength training to gain weight.. Any suggestions on pills or other supplements to get the most out of my workouts?
  5. Why not? Im not sure. Youll have to ask him I don't like it either.. Too harsh on the digestive system. Then I had to plan my day around "pill-time" to make sure they were always on hand. Then, people would think I was a pill-popper, and I was too embarassed to explain that it was for my acne. Plus, it's expensive. To each their own, though.
  6. Alright, I was hiding.. But I've caught up of the past few pages since my last post, and I thought I'd throw in my two-cents. Currently (I'm afraid to update my signature.. It's like an instant jinx, I've found), I wash off my makeup with J&J Baby Wash, pre-exfoliate with Neutrogena's Pore Refining Cleanser, use the AG and leave it on for awhile (kind of like a daily mask -- which I probably shouldn't be doing, but until it starts melting my skin off, I'll keep doing what I'm doing), then I
  7. After applying the toner and letting it dry, I make a little mixture of some 100% AVG and a few drops of Jojoba Oil in my hands and apply it. The AVG alone makes my face feel .. Weird. Tacky, almost? I love Jojoba Oil too much to give it up.. But, like.. AVG feels watery, so aren't I almost "rinsing" off the GA in the toner by moisturizing? Tonight, I skipped moisturizing entirely.. Just used the cleanser and toner, and I'll see how this works. I've gotten in such a habit of moisturizing t
  8. Look into the threads for Sudocrem. It seemed to help mine.. But everyone's skin reacts differently. I was using it in combination with the AG until my face started to freak out (Because I suddenly stopped B5) and I'm taking a break from it until I get back to normal.
  9. Alright.. I am currently suffering through a major skin freak-out. I think I know why.. But, I don't know. I was on B5, and I kind of cut back drastically when I began to run low in order to procrastinate buying more, and then stopped. It's only been a couple of days, so I just picked up another bottle and am going to go on a lower-dose, the initial 5g phase and stick to that.. My body just cannot handle 10g. It can't. But I love the results of the B5. Is anyone else using B5 along with the
  10. How did you scrub too hard? Are you using a washcloth or something? I thought you can only use your fingers and the cleanser. I think thats the gentlest way to wash. I also am trying to pay special attention when applying it to my marked areas: upper lip and cheek. PS- Day 2, still no breakout! I was using a baby brush (which I still haven't exactly mastered because I'm an idiot), and then when that didn't feel like it was doing anything, I grabbed my facial buff sponge and tore in. Gu
  11. Ugh.. I got frustrated last night and lost my patience. Therefore, I scrubbed really hard and caused worse damage. Alright, I'm just going to be gentle and tone it down a little for a few days until my skin recovers. Grrr.. I hate myselfffff. No one ever answered me about the toner. Has anyone used just the cleanser, and then noticed improved results after incorporating the toner later on? Is it really worth it?
  12. Personally, I really hated the little brush that came with it. I went to Walmart and got a large powder brush, and I use that instead. I close the flap down, shake some powder in between the flat lid and sifting screen, and then I swirl my brush, tap excess, and buff into my face in circular motions. That dome part is only to hold that crappy brush.. I don't believe it actually has a purpose other than that. I now use that dinky brush to apply bronzer under my brows to highlight my eyes, ac
  13. Even though you weren't talking to me, I'll give you my input. I don't use an SPF, either.. For some reason I cannot use any lotion or my face will lash out at me. *Shrug* I use mineral makeup, as well.. I use Physician's Formula (Concealer, Loose Powder, Bronzer), and think it works pretty nicely. Although, I have not tried any of the other MMUs. I really want to try Bare Minerals, but I'm so broke because of school. :(
  14. I'm wondering if I should order the toner, as well.. I'm in my second week right now. Any thoughts? I'm noticing that new formed spots aren't as common as they were when I began IB-ing a few days into it, less bumps are visible under my skin as they purge, and red marks are continuing to fade. I just can't wait for all of this crap to get OUT OF MY SKIN. Patience, patience, patience. It just gets frustrating sometimes, but I'm keeping a positive outlook. Honestly, so far, this is the best p
  15. Ah, Sudocrem. I was apart of that craze earlier this year. It definitely helped with red marks, but I'm scared to use it with AG and risk screwing up the progress I've already made. That's too much of a price to pay for my impatience. I'm just going to wait it out and let this help fade my marks.. Eventually, I will be back to normal. :pray: