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  1. Day 27 and my skin is looking better again. Side effects are minimal. I'm struggling to maintain high intensity training, I'm becoming fatigued quickly, very frustrating not being able to maintain my usual fitness level.
  2. Yes, I'm seeing a Dr. I was also prescribed Dianne 35 but after reading the package insert, the risk of blood clots puts me in a uncomfortable position to use, as both my grandparents suffered with blood clots, my grandfather died from one. So I haven't taken these. There was was a brief discussion on Retin A and the possibly of roaccutane (their suggestion not mine) but Retin a wasn't included in my prescriptions from the appointment. I'm back to Dr on Friday and was intending to ask for t
  3. I'd love to know how your story ends?
  4. I have been offered Accutane if my current prescription fails and I already know I don't want to take it. I don't feel it's for me. I love sports/fitness and need my body to be strong and healthy... Even if it means Adult acne.
  5. The only change to my routine has been 50mg of Doxy with breakfast. Skin is looking better again today. I still have a couple of active spots, cysts getting smaller, some completely gone. I dont ont know how it's possible as I didn't know Doxy affects pores, but I have no blackheads on my nose??? Ill save pictures for every second day.
  6. What was the antibiotic and dose? its great to read your making progress.
  7. Day four picture next to day two. Red spot on chin is from me squeezing, same with the small black mark on my jaw/cheek. It's now has blood trapped in the empty pimple. inflammation has come down heaps! The pictures can't show you the deep cysts that are shrinking in my neck (only felt not seen, no redness at all?!) I love sports and exercise at a high intensity level, I'm feeling Doxy might be effecting my performance? I'm feeling I can't maintain my high heart rate past 30min wi
  8. I have just woken up day 3, and my skin is even better again! My mouth actually fell open when I looked in the mirror! Picture up day for day 3 coming... ...
  9. Acne since around 14 years of age. Im now 29. Visited my GP about my acne when 16 and was told it's not bad enough for prescription and to continue working towards finding a OTC routine that works. This is is why I assumed a doctor couldn't help my acne and it wasn't until 29 years old I decided to bring it up again with a Doctor. GP prescribed Doxycycline 50mg once daily. I am documenting progress as by day two I have notable results!!! I'm counting days as 24 hours post Doxy. So this