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  1. I used to have really oily, red skin w/acne as well. I've been using Dan's regime for about 2 weeks and I've noticed a HUGE improvement in the colour and the tone of my skin. I haven't tried the other regime but I don't think I'll even need to. My skin is no longer red or oily, my scars are clearing up and the BP has not made my skin excessively dry or flakey (maybe I've just got tough skin) I used to use oil free foundations all the time and now I don't even have to bother. I've gone through a
  2. Hi there, I've been on the regime for about two weeks now and I've really noticed a difference. My skin tone has really evened out and is no longer red. No more thick ugly foundation for me! Some of my scars have faded somewhat as well, so has anyone else found that benzac gets rid of their scars? (mine are sort of reddy-purpley patches) Is it worth trying a AHA product as well?? I'm in Australia and I've had a look at the neostrata stuff in the chemist, has anyone tried it?? Thanks!