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  1. You should, I love it when you stop by, didn't know you still come on here, how are you?

  2. seems to me like it's been too long since i last came by your page... i should harrass you more

  3. I get those once in a blue moon but not on my face. I always thought it was an alergic reaction to something i was touching. Maybe it's not... but i've had then prior to taking accutane
  4. honey your having a period that is perfectly normal. Most people have the same problem at the start. Now, it wont last forever and everything else from there will be better (on the zits side). It's not easy, and no one ever claimed it was. It's probably one of the last times you have to deal with zits in your life, soooo
  5. HI everyone, I hated when i was on accutane to not hear back from the people with success. What a ride i had on it... and not a fun one. I took 2 courses at 40mg back to back. A full year later today i have fantastic skin. I wash my face morning and night with nothing but water, then still apply cetaphil. At night i might put a little BP all over before cetaphil just for the hell of it. My skin looks amazing and i am so glad i did my courses. All side effects are gone aside from one thing: M
  6. i hate TO lol but have a blast my friend

  7. i might be coming for a weekend to toronto.. if i go you should come down as well ?

  8. about 4 1/2 hours by car, hoe come?

  9. how far are you from toronto?

  10. You caused me a one month suspension from this site. I deserved every day of it. My skin problem has been conquered and I had hoped to continue chatting here, but I now realized I dont deserved to for some of the things I have said. Either way, the journey is complete for me, my work is done. I hope in the end, you will find the same path. Goodbye and please take care, maybe we will meet again, ma

  11. you my friend are absolutely correct 100 percent. I was wrong. Sorry for any distress I have caused

  12. Where's this connection that we're having then? xx

  13. just your normal shampoo babe. Nothing more