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  1. So I've completed 50 days on 30mg/day on isotretinoin, and in the first few weeks I did not have a major Initial Breakout, just a few spots here and there. Side effects are not bad, just dry lips and my face seemed to get drier in the past few days. However in the past week (Week 7) I got a massive breakout around my eyebrows (a place a rarely break out at) and on my right cheek. Is this normal? Is it a sign that the drug is working or its just a simple bad breakout that I've been usually get
  2. Also, it's really weird, I haven't had a Initial Breakout in the first couple of weeks (just a few spots here and there) , but it seems it's happening now coming up to the end of month 2 hmm... I broke out on my right cheek, around my eyebrows (a place where I almost never break out) and there is a big cyst on my nose, which is also rare as I tend to get small whiteheads there
  3. So I've been taking Accutante (30mg/day) for 6 weeks now and I had my second appointment with my dermatologist a few days ago. I was expected to be bumped up to at least 60mg/day, however my derm said she will keep 30mg/day and my dosage will NOT be increased at all throughout my treatment. I have moderate acne with cystic acne popping up every week. I am worried as 30mg/day seems quite a little for a 70kg person and I'm worried that the treatment will not work at all. Thoughts?