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  1. Thanks for the response guys. Im seeing my dermatologist in 3 weeks so I'll see how that goes. ( i might have to pull the cumulative dosage studies).As for my skin, I've noticed that oil production has decreased significantly,( I no longer wake up with an extremely oily face). Other than that, ive never really noticed if my lips were dry or not as they always have been even before the treatment. I definitely am going through an initial breakout currently and hope it gets better by the end of wee
  2. Hello everybody, I've been recently prescribed claravis ( isotretinoin ) 20mg a month ago and I was wondering if this dosage is sufficient enough for my bodyweight? I am 5'11" and weigh around 195 lbs or 88kg. I have brought this topic up with my derm recently and he has stated that he usually prescribes up to 40mg for most of his patients on accutane and that the dosage was not dependent on an individual's bodyweight. I was prescribed 20mg yesterday and quite frankly I am a little frustrated.