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  1. Hi there, You may remember me from some months back, I was dealing with hormonal acne in my 30s. I have been off this site for a while because I now have clear skin and I wanted to update on what I've done and what worked. I have been on generic Yaz for about a year, it improved my skin but I wasn't clear until I added 50mg of Spiro daily that i saw a dramatic change. It took about 3 months( from June to August) to see results but once it worked, my skin became normal as opposed to very oily
  2. hey sorry to hear that. I am using topical green tea+ sea buckthorn seed oil, just s few drops. In the morning and .15 retinol at night. That plus yaz and Spiro 50 mg, my skin is the best its been for years. I hope you find something soon. wow I hope your ex gets giant butthole acne. I'm feeling sad today but for once its not my skin. There was a horrific murder suicide in my town just a few miles away, parents and their 3 kids dead. Even shot the dog. It kind of threw me for a loop. I'm pr
  3. Hi there, this is a good place as we all know how acne can mess up your life. Acne sucks but there are treatments that can work for you. My suggestion is to go to a gynecologist and get your hormones assessed, most acne is from hoirmonal imbalances+ inflammation. I've been on my hormonal birth control yaz and spironolactone for am most 4 months and my skin is so improved! Sorry you are going through this, you are still worthy and I think you will get help finding a solution on here.
  4. Similar to me. What birth control do you take? I found adding spironolactone( 50mg) to my yaz really reduced my oil. Sometimes birth control+ spuro does the trick. Talk to your doctor.Have you tried spearmint tea or spearmint capsules? zinc helps some people too.
  5. I've tried it, he we seemed to make a difference , good or bad for me.
  6. at this time her priority should be to fix her eating disorder.
  7. Glad that its getting better for you. I think given the whole course you will see good results. Doctors over here legally have to make girls sign a contract that they are on birth control, 2 forms. Even if you're a virgin. Many doctors just are not that with it, here's well. Ha talk about politics, look at the choice America has for president...a sociopath career criminal and a megalomaniac jerky misogynist. I don't know how I can even vote!
  8. I never had migraines until age 30 don't know if its from that or coincidental.
  9. Hey I'm definitely allergic to casein rather than lactose. I don't get ant stomach symptoms like with lactose intolerance but within 2-24 hours of eating dairy I get itchy give like pimples. Red and you can feel them before you can see them. Even some items labeled " non dairy" have casein.
  10. I'm trying g... I found an article on scars with a few suggestions on products. http://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/tips/g14/acne-scar-treatment/?
  11. I'm trying ... I found an article on scars with a few suggestions on products. http://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/tips/g14/acne-scar-treatment/? The best thi g I've done for my skin is to add a retinoid. My face is very smooth and any sebum plugs are coming to the surface and sloughing off. I may go up to .50 or.100 eventually. I wonder why none of my derms recommended retinol?
  12. well to be honest, many people with mental disorders do come across as harder to like/ love.
  13. I just wanna throw this out that, are you all taking zinc?
  14. lil I'm so NOT out sorry either. My idea f camping is sleeping next to a poster of the Grand Canyon . thats a good point...almost all the trends and fads are profit driven