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  1. Retinoid cured my hormonal acne that i no longer suffer from. I had deep cystic painful horminal acne. Applying retinA gel got rid of them all. So I would recommend this. I tried changing my diet, becoming a vegan, eaying tons of veg, cutting out dairy, juicing and so on but nothing worked but retin A. I wish i used it sooner.
  2. Good luck! Tell how it goes. Seeing a Doctor was my last resort. Because with RetinA you can't really be out in the sun for long. I'm an outdoor person, so that really sucked. But i had no choice, my acne was getting so cystic and the more that formed, the more scars it will leave. And scars are even harder to remove. Especially having huge cysts, it can leave deep pitted scars. So i had to find cure before i had to deal with that. I can't believe my skin is clear after so many years of battlin
  3. There is a light. I tried all the products above and it did nothing for my acne. I get painful huge cystic acne around my jawline and neck. I know it's hormonal so I changed my diet and that didn't work either. I cut out dairy and became vegab. But no matter what i ate, still broke out in huge cystic acne. So i went to eating what I want, but still avoiding dairy. My doctor recommended RetinA .025 and now after two months my acne is entirely gone and cleared. I also started using clay masks twi