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  1. hmm Doxycycline isn't something that is generally prescribed long term anyway so I don't think you have to worry about that... My doctor prescribed me doxycycline and tretinoin for my acne. Same as you I had amazing results, within 3 months the acne had subsided leaving only mild scars. The thing is, as long as you don't have any un desirable side effects to the drug, i would suggest you speak to a dermatologist and not rely on your family's advice in this case. Unless they are medical doctors t
  2. I had a breakout after using tretinoin (it was the purge stage, other than that tretinoin is amazing) and after the pimples went away, i had CRAZY hyperpigmentation. It's been 3 months since the HP appeared and it's pretty faded now. I mean you can still see it, which is why i;m considering a laser treatment. However it should be noted that my dermatologist recommended I don't undergo laser therapy or chemical peels because he said the HP will continue to fade over the next few months and it was
  3. Hey! I was exactly like you I had tried everything and anything that said acne solution on the package. Eventually I went to the derm and now I wish I had done it when I first developed acne!!! But either way, the derm prescribed tretinoin, spiro and doxy. 4.5 months later, my acne is GONE. Now I have some hyper pigmentation left but it is also fading away. I can tell you it feels so good to have something that actually works. I was tired of experimenting and failing every time. It's such a reli
  4. Ok yeah see if the derm recommends it. I'm just not gonna do that because I'm scared of the long term effects of doxy/spiro and i don't want to build up a resistance to it. So look into that make sure its safe and effective
  5. i find antibiotics suppress my appetite especially for junk food. Added bonus! Lol YES!! For me, I think spiro was the reason for the weight loss since its a diuretic, i lost all that excess water weight. Im not complaining!!! How is your skin doing?
  6. Omg. YES. So lets see.... its been 4.5 months since I started my tretinoin/doxy journey and I can tell that the hyper pigmentation is DEFINITELY fading away. Not only has the texture of my skin improved, but the tone is evening out also and it feels so amazing to see these results. I will be going back to the derm one more time because I do have a scar on my right cheek that even though it is fading, its fading slower than the hyper pigmentation so I want to see what my options are. but I'm at t
  7. Like everyone said, definitely DO NOT take it on an empty stomach. I know the feeling, upset stomach, nausea and a general uncomfortable feeling is a few symptoms that you didn't take doxy with food and a full glass of water. I promise with food it does not create any of those problems. I hope you feel better and stick to your regimen, and i wish your derm had told you the correct way to take doxy. Feel better soon!
  8. Ch I think Lush products might be your holy grail here! They specialize in natural, organic and vegan skin care products. Angels on bare skin is an amazing cleanser and completely non comedogenic. You can also find some amazing moisturizers on their website. Good luck! You can check out the full list of it's ingredients here: http://www.lushusa.com/Angels-on-Bare-Skin/9999906953,en_US,pd.html
  9. I just remembered. Please check out Lush Cosmetics, They have incredible natural and vegan products. I love their tea tree water toner spray, it has grapefruit and juniper berry and diluted tea tree oil. It is specifically for oily skin and I think it could really help you I spritz it on before leaving home and its not only nice and refreshing, it helps keep oiliness at bay I got it a while ago but i believe it was around $15-$20.
  10. Oh okay. Sorry I couldnt help more. But besides searching ways to lower your stress levels, check out this list: http://www.bustle.com/articles/96389-5-foods-that-can-make-your-skin-greasy-and-when-you-should-avoid-them
  11. Try and keep your face moisturized. Your skin could be pushing the oil production into overdrive because your face isn't moisturized enough. So try and get a non comedogenic moisturizer such as CeraVe. Apply it at night and in the morning you could also invest in some wipes that will help you take care of that oil.
  12. Quit using those wipes asap! My doctor prescribed the CeraVe cleanser and told me not to use anything else. I am also prescribed to doxycycline as well as tretinoin which can make your face super sensitive. CeraVe is a super gentle cleanser but it might take at least two washes to get all the make up off. it is the only thing I use to remove my make up, and then I use paper tissues to wipe off water never cloth towels because I want to make sure I never put anything even a bit bacterial on my fa
  13. Follow your doctor's recommendation and prescribed medication exactly as it is prescribed. The dandruff should go away as your scalp heals and try to avoid at home remedies until that time. Call up the derm and ask what kind of shampoo he/she recommends. This should be all over in a month or so
  14. Make Up Forever make HD foundations which are amazing and almost invisible to the naked eye. Another benefit is that they have FORTY shades to choose from, it is also oil free which is super helpful for acne prone skin. No MUF brand make up has ever made me break out Good primers are Pore-fessional from Benefit as well as the smash box primer. I prefer smash box simply because it is silicone based and makes your face super smooth.
  15. My doctor recommended the CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer and I have acne prone skin and they seem to be working incredibly well Olay also has one with SPF in it. The brand "First Aid Beauty" also makes some amazing moisturizers so I would look those up as well. But the first two i mentioned are much more affordable.